Finally, [US] Army is promoting the right Officers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Most of today's Army generals rose through the ranks during the Cold War as armor, infantry, or artillery officers who were trained to fight large-scale, head-to-head battles against enemies of comparable strength—for instance, the Soviet army as its tanks plowed across the East-West German border.

    The problem, as many junior officers have been writing over the last few years, is that this sort of training has little relevance for the wars of today and, likely, tomorrow—the "asymmetric wars" and counterinsurgency campaigns that the U.S. military has actually been fighting for the last 20 years in Bosnia, Panama, Haiti, and Somalia, as well as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  2. H R McMaster is a proper star. Heard him speak last year to ICSC(L). He has a PhD in COIN, no really - he really has a PhD.
  3. Well I expect CW2 will be next; he always has a view on the most important current operational issues, like should he be saluted by British warrants?

  4. ?
  5. Sorry - I meant Chief-Two...
  6. Cuddles, sorry mate I don't know what your getting at? Are you saying that US 'chiefs' (as in Master Chiefs etc) expect to get saluted by British Warrant Offrs?
  7. Kaplan's a bit slow with his story, the promotions list was published almost a month ago!!!
  8. There is another with a PhD in COIN? So we DO have a growing number of Jedi Masters then!! Glad to hear it.
  9. No-wah on, erm...yes if Chief Two is to be considered representative of anything other than a conehead. No wah off.
  10. Shurley he's a Chief Three by now, at least!
  11. No fool he, Petreus. Some of the further links after that first one are very interesting, too. Also interesting just how many US Army (and AF/Navy/USMC) officers take doctorates on company time these days. I knew a couple in Saudi who'd gone down that route in the late 90s, when such a choice was akin to the British attitude of much of the last century towards anyone with an education - dangerous, not to be trusted. As a result, both had seen no further promotion in sight, jumped ship and taken Saudi gold.
    Not the case now, apparently. If the British are following that lead it can be no bad thing.
  12. Couldn't help noticing this guy's name-Army Col. Thomas S. Vandal for promotion to the grade of brigadier general. He is currently serving as deputy commander (maneuver), 3d Infantry Division (mechanized), Fort Stewart, Ga.

    General Vandal! how cool is that?
  13. But is this not the Story of War ?
    All armies are geared up for the last war, even the much vaunted Wermacht of 39 was for all its mechanization and Panzer divisions still mainly Horse drawn.
    Just how many of the Leaders of the Brit army of 39 where at the top of the tree cum 45 ?
    The style of War is consistently changing and it's leaders must change with it.
  14. Was with him for a few hours when he was a Captain during the Battle of 73 Easting. The only thing I remember of the man was his attempt to have a surrounded company of Republican Guards surrender so in his words as he spoke to us standing behind an M1 tank; "No one else needs to die". Very memorable.
  15. The improvements will be proved as real when ARRSE posters start to be complimentary about the US Army.

    I won't hold my breath. :wink: