Finally, somewhere to buy Chieftains by Bob Forrest-Webb?


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Reported on Sky News this morning that Google's project to digitise out-of-print books may lead to them rolling out machines that can print such a book in five minutes for five pounds.

Machines to be located in libraries. Library gets £3, Google gets £1 per book. I'd like to think the other £1 goes to the author.

Two things.

1. The "expert" on Sky News reckoned it was a waste of time printing books because we are all going to start using e-book readers or whatever. Clearly he hasn't seen the walls of MY house, lined with a lifetime's book collection. Discuss.

2. What books does the floor think we need available?

I have already suggested Chieftains by Bob Forrest-Webb. I know that he is a member of ARRSE and I look forward to his comments.

I'd have suggested The Devil's Guard, but I got as far as the second chapter discussing the political situation in post-war Vietnam and stopped dead. Was this because I hate reading books on screen or because the book was slated here as poor post-war war porn?

I'd suggest The Zone (now ten volumes) but since that is now available online as a PDF, I don't see it happening.

How about Warriors Paraded? Anthony Armstrong's compendium of stories from a fictional post-Great-War infantry battalion in a large garrison town in the south of England (that sounded remarkably like Aldershot). Sounds good, but in fact I got a copy (printed about 1938 IIRC) from Abebooks a few years ago, so I shan't be buying another myself.
I find e-reader a pain. Also, the feel and smell of a new book is something special. I like the idea of being able to get out of print books like this, but aren't google simply PDFing the pages, complete with ink splatters, creases and bogey stains?
Wow! The Zone got to 10 volumes- I thought it had stopped at 4.

I read then years ago- anyone want to donate all 10 to me!
AlienFTM said:
... I'd suggest The Zone (now ten volumes) but since that is now available online as a PDF, I don't see it happening ...
Whereabouts online? I've just Googled "The Zone" and got nowhere.
Any links gratefully accepted!
AlienFMT, have PMed you.
The internet has a lot of free downloadable books if you look around, they tend to have lapsed copyright as the author has died. So you see a lot of books by Conan-Doyle, H.G Wells, etc. That type of author.

internet archive

Look on the right side of the page for 'Texts' and have a search for something you like. [you may touch lucky and find an obscure text/book you like?]

That page also has other forms of media but I have never looked in there.
Has anyone found a link to The Zone series yet?
Was looking for a link to the PDFs.
thanks, top man.

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