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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by geezer466, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. Meh, never had 'expensive' insurance, but the answer was always simples, shop around and never take an automatic renewal unchallenged.
    Both the wife and me are routinely quoted double on the renewal notices to what we actually end up paying.
    Paying £250 for my CRV, £140 for her Civic.
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  2. Ditto to sunnoficarius. My wife and I used to keep getting rises on our insurance renewals. As I work abroad, I never used to really give a **** (I was never back when renewal time came around so just carried on paying). Last year's renewals came through when I was at home, so in order to keep 'er indoors happy I had a look at Compare The Market ™ >> Cheap Car Insurance & More… - my car insurance ended up being 1/3 of what I had previously been paying and my wife's insurance halved, this was despite originally being on one of those 'home and car' packages with Aviva.
  3. It's still to put it bluntly a piss take that insurance companies routinely increase the premium massively on automatic renewals. I guess they do it because a lot of people don't challenge it and just pay the money thinking that it is what it is.
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  4. The same morals as the pay day lenders...
  5. What's morality got to do with it, they are in business to make money. If you're too stupid to shop around why is it their fault, no one's forcing you to buy their product.
  6. Almost identical situation. For the first time in a long time, I decided to "have a chat" when my renewal notice came through and was staggered to find out we saved £300+ over the year - admittedly, due to laziness on my part, we have been paying over the odds for years. Did the same with the house insurance and almost halved the monthly premium. Yes, the Insurers are in a business and need to make a profit, but, quite frankly, some of their business practices suck.
    As for the good news, I'm the eternal pessimist. I see Insurance premiums dropping (good news), but, at the same time, petrol prices have started to climb again (bad news). I'm sure our glorious leaders will make a big song and dance about shaving 1p a litre off prices when they deem to grace us with their presence again sometime in October.
  7. Must be a Cumbrian thing!
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  8. To many firms in this Country prey on peoples stupidity and their ability to part with their money without thinking.

    Pay day lenders and bookmakers are probably at the far end of this scale but are as guilty of hell of this practice.

    The Government who can find the time to legislate things like gay marriage (which most gays I know were against anyway happy with the existing civil partnership system) fail the people who elect it.

    More interested in pursuing a liberal agenda for the feckign sake of it rather than protecting the most vulnerable (read thick) in society.

    I completely agree businesses are in the game to make money but Government are there to stop them doing this on the edge of the law taking advantage of the thick.
    In this instance Governments fail miserably mainly because the same people are too thick to see they are being let down.

    And the gap between rich and poor gets larger.
  9. Insurance companies? Scum of the earth, at least as bad as bankers and politicians.
  10. Why is it the business of government to decide how adults spend their money and on what? They regulate and allow competition but you as a consumer get to choose.

    Should government legislate to interfere in your choice of partner or car or house or any of the areas that adults should take responsibility for just because it's unwise, should your purchase of a shed have to be approved by a government body who have to decide your competence to make that decision and your need for it?

    Some people are thick, get used to it.

    What's the problem with the gap between rich and poor getting larger, rich people earn money, poor people leech of the taxpayer. The rich pay tax, stop them and you make every other taxpayer pay more and everyone gets poorer. No one, not one person will be any better off.
  11. Last few years I have had my renewals and the new quote been higher than before....explained I haven't had a claim in 20 plus years to be told we are paying for un insured drivers. Told them not to renew my policy and shopped around to be led to the same company as the cheapest option knocking off nearly £100 off what they had quoted me to renew.

    Even said to them as I started up the new policy and all they can say is we know and its because you got a special offer.........I think they need to start looking at the way they treat their existing customers....I dont mind as I got the best offer from them in the end.
  12. I call Wah
  13. The car I was looking for a cheap runabout : ~£750
    The cheapest insurance I was quoted - third party only : ~£2200 (the highest was about £8900 iirc)

    C***s. I said f-off. I am in London and I get access to company pool cars anyways when needed.

    p.s: I did all the usual price comparison sites - the price of being a foreigner I guess. I also hold a full UK license (apart from my U.S. once which I had since I was 16) before anyone asks.
  14. Bloody hell Red shift...I was pissed off they quoted me nearly £250 with a new car........suppose maturity does work in our favour with some things.