Finally Phil the Greek says something that......

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 20, 2011.

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  1. Finally? He's never said anything I don't agree with.
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  2. Time we started opening some new coal mines.
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  3. Same here. The man's a straight talking legend. Unfortunately you're not allowed to tell the truth these days.
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  4. At the same time find and punish the useless bastards who closed the mines in the first place.
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  5. They'll wait until Scargill is dead, can't have him saying 'I told you so'.
  6. Scargill was a bad General.
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  7. Yeah, we'll start with the bloke who was sent to close the first one in Maggies
    Witch Hunt..........Cortonwood.
  8. That`s as maybe, but he was right. Scargill and Phil make strange bedfellows, that is certain, but they definitely see eye to eye on the wind farm nonsense.
  9. One the wind farms fully agree, even if you believe in AGW; the CO2 released building, installing and maintaining the wind farms probably exceeds the CO2 saved by their operation.

    On coal, it was the miners in general and Scargill in particular who made them uneconomic and unreliable and so closed them. Fracking for natural gas is a much better option anyway.
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  10. I don`t know enough about fracking to have an opinion, therefore I shall have to take your word on it. I do know that fracking has been known to, if not cause, encourage earthquakes.
  11. Scargill was one of the reasons they closed the mines. Him and that fact that UK coal was just to expensive to mine. Nothing has changed. In fact the way things are going with the economy we will all have to live in a coal mine to keep warm.

    Except me, I will be quartered safe out here.

    Thank fu .... ahh not the NAAFI. Thank goodness, I mean.
  12. 'Go on earthquakes - have another go.'

    'Fraid you're probably mistaken there.
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  13. Have you looked at the damage done by coal mine induced subsidence? Any messing around underground had potential effects on the surface. Fracking somewhere prone to earthquakes is probably a bad idea, however, the UK is not prone to earthquakes.
  14. Hasn't fracking been shown to contaminate groundwater to the degree that water coming out of household taps can be set alight, or am I thinking of something else?