Finally....................... My Phase 1 Date!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by DanJJardim, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just a quick post as I am over the moon I have finally got my date to start phase one at Pirbright, 07/07/08!

    I originally started my application in February 2007. After being put on referal due to an old motocross injury, I eventually got my selection date for July 07. Finally 18 months after starting my application I will be joining. For everyone getting frustrated as I was kepp at it, it will come eventually!

    Thanks all for answering all my questions in the last (very long!) 12 months.

  2. Only another 6 months :p

    and good luck
  3. Is there any reason why you have to wait another 6 months? ... i thought that my application took ages, if i have to wait that long then im doomed.
  4. My mate who is currently applying for the booties applied last july he has only just got to the PJFT. Mine has took 4 months so far and i will just about be doing my ADSC next month oh well gives me more time to train.
  5. Im due to attend selection in Febuary, im pretty sure i remember my recruiter telling me that it wouldnt be long after passing selection that i would be heading off to basic training. Is he bullshitting me or does it depend on which job you are going for ect?
  6. Mine took 1 month from walking in fresh out of college to starting basic, get your doctors forms sorted, there the ones that take the p1ss
  7. Yup, sorted those doctors forms out, that was the main reason for slowing me down also. I felt like having a go at my GP for taking it so bloody seriously. But i suppose it has to be done.
  8. Good luck fella, and have fun - don't touch the Motocross 'til you hit your unit... LoL...
  9. Where have you got selection chris?

    and i take it by sapper that your joining RE, if so you going to lichfield? for your basic?
  10. Indeedy trying for the Royal Engineers, going to Glencorse for selection and then to Lichfield for basic.
  11. I am going in the REME as an Aircraft Technician. As I understand there is quite a substantial waiting list for the job. Other lads on my selection were told they would be in within a matter of weeks.

  12. Not neccesarily - the Avionics/Aircraft CEG has been put on the REME's Critical Manning Group list at LCpl to Cpl - meaning theres a shortage which in the future could affect operational effectiveness... and obviously tech-spankers gain LCpl on Phase 2 course completion.

    Source: Jan 08 Craftie Mag...
  13. Ah bugger, so i will more or less be waiting many more months?

    I cant be doing with that as im getting kicked out of my house next month and was planning on making the Army my home. I am joining the RE as an Armoured Engineer.

    [EDIT] My bad :wink:
  14. Yeh i had selection at glencourse, the 1.5 mile circuit is very kind, its flat the whole way and doubles back on itself, so on the way back you know where you are :) , lichfield is good aswell

    good luck
  15. REME as an armoured engineer????? We don't have armoured engineers pal...