Finally joining!

Hi all

I've been awfully annoying to CVHQ AMS and kept phoning to ask about my joining details. I've been told that a letter is coming out to me to officially invite me to medical and attestation on the 1 December. Anyone recently been through this as reading posts here it seems no-one has been medically examined and attested on the same day? I have to admit I'm quite looking forward to it. I can't wait to do my phase 1 and get back into sociallising with like-minded people. Please keep your fingers crossed for me as I've been waiting for what seems like an age. I've been told all my paperwork has been processed, what else will I have to do? When I was joining the Royal Irish Home Service I must have been to the ACIO about six times, so all this seems a little unusual and hard to believe as I've yet to go over to Strensall.

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