Finally have my CMSR dates

So I have my CMSR soon at Pirbright, I was wondering if anyone could send me the timetable for the 2 weeks or reply with what we do on what days, cheers!
Do you not have a recruiting team at your TA that you can ask? Basically it will be similar to what you did on phase 1 but more of it.
Shit at note taking i may be, but intuitive, i am.
I took a photo of the course plan with the old mobile telecommunications device, gimme a coupla minutes and i'll type it up and mail it to you.
What date do you start, by the way?
by a few minutes, i mean an hour, this is taking longer than i thought.


Dave558. I know someone who just started the course down there in the past week. When they are back, I'll drop you a PM or reply here and try to pass on some useful info and tips for you (What it was like etc..)
Okay, got it all typed up with timings etc, but due to PERSEC etc i'm not going to post publicly, anyone wants it, message me and i'll send.


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