Finally! Exposed! The Deficit Myth! So, David Cameron When Are You Going to Apologise

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Madjock72, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. You understand that the video you've linked to is two and a half years old, don't you?
  2. It won't matter, these people who support Labour will always try to blame things on other parties that their party f*cked up.
    Facts to Labour and its supporters are irrelevant.
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  3. OP sounds like a rabid UNITE supporter to me, desperately trying to get over the underwhelming support for their campaign of protest on Wednesday.
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  4. Lower income tax, well done Mr Osborne. What a smashing chap he is.
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  5. I dont support labour and i did notice that it was 2 yrs old. what i didnt know was that i never heard of this before, maybe i was having a bad week and never noticed.
    Just seem`s a bit strange that with all the cuts all over the country and the services, with the assumption that we are neck deep in debt with one of the highest in the world which has been claimed by this coalition since they took over does seem a bit far-fetched.
    And infact is mentioned by every tory and liberal MP anytime you mention cuts to the public sector or the forces, does this not seem like a continuation of a false lie which everyone just seems to except. Is the lie just forced feed to the public until it takes it for truth a kind of brainwashing of the masses.

    I dont think you watched the video of Osborne admitting to the fact that they were left with the lowest GDP in his lifetime, now who did the Labour party take over from previous ???.

    Its not like i did a photoshop and edit the footage of him is it. I believe Thatcher and her party left the country with about 42% GDP and Labour left the tories with 35%ish GDP not with a mountain they claimed was left but a slighly lower mountain than left by the previous Tory lead government, that is a fact.

    But i`ll edit your post for you

    There all better now
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  6. It would be a great claim to fame - like being the least dishonest politician or least greedy banker!
  7. And vice versa, That is how politics works, tit for tat etc.

    A big boy done it and then ran away.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    1. I'm sure you did notice but alcohol has that effect.
    2. Re debt, have you factored in pension and off-balance sheet liabilities? If not, why not?
    3. 'Left with the lowest GDP' who, the Tories? Do you know what GDP is and why being left with the lowest may not be a good thing?
    4. Do wish to comment on the creation of a massive borrowing deficit during a boom period and explain why that was a good thing?
    4. Please use English as far as possible.
    5. Please don't tamper with other people's responses in Current Affairs and then respond to them - it makes the argument harder to follow.
    6. Bear in mind that the Huffington Post has as much credibility as the Daily Mail.
    7. You seem far too hysterical about this to be non-partisan - is there something you wish to tell us?
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  9. There might be but im far too drunk to think straight

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Actually, a Max Kaiser view of the UK economy:

    Here's an insight into his views from Wiki, what a neutral:
    [h=3]Financial punditry[/h]Keiser has appeared as a financial pundit on a number of news networks. Keiser called for a "fatwā" against Hank Paulson[SUP][24][/SUP] on Al Jazeera in response to the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). In a later broadcast Keiser said, "Paulson stinks."[SUP][25][/SUP] Keiser has advised investors to buy gold and especially silver, in order to undermine "the banksters." In November 2012, he predicted that the UK pound was about to collapse.[SUP][4]

    Max Keiser - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/SUP]
  11. Its sadly rather typical really, instead of defending what you so passionately believe with evidence, all I see it attempts to discredit any argument that challenges your position. All rather infantile really