Finally a trained solder

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bullet-magnet, Oct 27, 2005.

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  1. thank god its only taken me 2 1/2 years but now im a fully trained solder. has anyone found that it takes ages to train cose of work getting in the way.
  2. Thats ages!! It only usually takes about an hour or so to be able to solder to an acceptable standard....have you got DT's?
  3. soldering!...shit, you should try arc-welding mate
  4. no. its just my work dosnt like me in ta so everytime i hand in weekends off they suddenly need me that weekend. its a pile of dog eggs
  5. Came on here for a bit of light relief as today has been rather Shytty so far! Can someone explain what this thread is all about?
  6. My own early history:

    Jul 75: Joined
    Mar 76: Completed Pln Signaller Cadre
    Apr 76: Began instructing on SLR, SMG, GPMG
    Aug 76: Did my Recruit Cadre

    Being "taught" how to strip and assemble the GPMG on the cadre was almost identical to the Bob-Monkhouse-stripping-and-assembling-a-bren sketch in Carry On Sergeant - with the same expression on the face of the instructor.
  7. I misread that and thought it had taken you 2 1/2 years to be a fully trained soldier!! :? :lol:
  8. it did 2 and a half years to do all TAFS GAPS AND RECRUTES CORSE
  9. Now all you've got to do is wait until you can go on your trade camp!
  10. yer i have to wait till half way through next yer to do my sigs trade training how bone is that. till then im kicking my heals on exs making tea for officers and staging all night.
  11. There ya go,

    You're never, ever a fully trained soldier no matter how long you've done. Always something new to learn, you can't buy experience. :wink:
  12. true true ill b a well trained tea maker and stagger
  13. WOW 2.5 years your parents must be pleased.... so another six months then you can leave was it worth it pls tell me you arent in the signals as i find it quite hard to believe it has taken you this long. I have just completed my first 3yrs and I have done a lot more.
  14. sadly it took me 3 years as when i went to go on my 2 week training the fist time my grandad died so i couldnt go then i had to rebook it. ect ect. yes signals. and i plan to spend a long time in the ta not just 3 years and leave.
  15. Why not? 2 weeks recruits, two week camp that includes GAP training and finally 2 week trade = 3 years doing the minimum commitment each year.