"final word" Soldier Magazine, August 10 issue....

Has to be the lance jack Rifleman that looks like somebodies thrown a pancake on his nut
Nothing much changed it seems - from the accompanying article

Or is that some strange jockanese headdress?
Never mind the berets , have they got rid of the reg that stated hair had to be at least 1/4 in long ?
Gotta go, Spearhead is about to start on Sky channel 300 something .
does it really matter as long as they can do the job? oh wait this is the naafi bar. in that case my favourite is the new invisable RLC beret.
:shock: Could do with a trip to man at Q&M to get a beret that fits him i.e. 10 sizes smaller!!!!

And a trip back to depot to learn about beret shaping!! ........nag, nag....... :pissedoff:
i wear a caubeen so im not takin the piss out of any1's headdress
Badges are now rotating around the head and in approx 2.5 years will have done a full 360 degrees and be back above the left eye!
Its all about fighting alongside the capbadge, not hiding behind it.

A wise ol Mick Guard once stated that to the badge on Bn Muster Parade.
Yeah, the way ahead is to wear the beret (hat) like a French Onion Seller with the badge over the left ear. The prefered shape is: forward so it looks like the hairstyle of one of the "Fat Slags" in VIZ.

It's also cool not to wear elastics, just let the CS95 trouser hang loose.

Sideburns must be in line with the bottom of the ear - although QRs forbid this - hey man don't be so niggly we are fightin a war, peeps are dyin, for God's sake!

Boots must not be cleaned or polished (as per reasons stated above)

Head dress is to be removed at the earliest opportunity - and NEVER worn outside barracks.

Bomber jackets and/or T shirts should be worn in lieu of CS95 jackets whenever possible as they disguise you from being a soldier. This applies at all times outside barracks or driving.

Ownership of FAD or No2 Dress must always be denied or you will get dicked for a duty.

The list goes on.........................................
Rfn Alex Ward of The Rifles is taking the piss!

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