Final Two weeks @Winchester

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by leedsmale, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Right here goes new to this so please bare with me!
    I have done my seven weekends all passed etc and now find myself in 8 weeks or so down at Winchester for my 2 week training, has anyone been down there whats it like any hints tips much appreciated.

    Also the mile and half i have heard numerous times now the latest been told is that you only have to do it in under 14 mins heard so many different times from various people including staff on the last wekends as anyone been and done the 2 course recently and give me a heads up on this?

    Cheers in advance
  2. 14 minutes?!? you could probably walk it in that time.
  3. 14 mins or less is the time for the run. You'll get one re test on the next day, fail that and its RTU.
  4. Depends on your cap badge..
    Believe RLC, have to do it in under 14
    RE, REME under 13.30

    Ideally you should be getting 10.30
  5. I've got my two weeks at Grantham this weekend, we had our Bravo there, we were told under 14 is a pass.

    On my Bravo, the first weekend I ran 13:30 on the fourth weekend I ran 11:51, went out at the weekend and got a 11:45
  6. I'm at Grantham too this weekend for 2 weeks hurrah I can do under 14 min just can't seem to get it just under 10:30 :p
  7. It doesn't depend on your cap badge for part 1C, its 14 mins for everyone.
  8. Oh and if its windy at Grantham you can easily add a minute to your time. Five people failed when i was there last month and got sent home becassue we had two windy days and the PTI's wouldn't do the beep test instead.
  9. I'm built like a stick wind seems to go around me I'm coming in at 11 odd min any how so I should still be able to pass but i've heard its windy too.
  10. PM me of you need any more info about the course.

    My mate Sean will be there as well so say hi to him for me!
  11. After getting info from tonight and the all good lucks like I might never return I'm rather nervous now..
  12. the risk reduction run has to be completed in under 14mins or you will be binned,the rest of the PFT is best effort only,and you must pass the CFT 6 miles but they will build you up to be honest last year i couldnt run 300yrds without needing an iron lung but im on my doing my MATTs today and i PASSED everything on the just got to give 110% effort NO walking...

    ps for my age i should do the 1.5 in 11 mins dead.....but i have never got to that yet but i give it a good go