Final tour of Duty

Ive been posted into a unit for basically my last 6 months/Year? when my time runs out am i entitled to disturbance allowance and movement of Personal Effects at public expense? not overly worried about the DA as i find it hard to believe i will get that but the movement would be handy :D

ive had varying answers on the subject so far and have just read JSP 752 Ch 7, Sec 4, and can see why ive had various answers.

is there a such a thing as definitive answer?

also do you have to register a Final tour of Duty move, as it seems to allude to in the above JSP reference
I always thought removals at public expense is a no no for final move, but with DA, one of the questions on JPA when applying for DA is 'Is this your Final Tour of Duty?' or something along those lines. Welfare should be able to answer the removals question hopefully.

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