Final score: Ireland 43-13 England

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by flamingo, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. Tee Hee Hee :cyclopsani:
  2. Na na na na na
  3. Fucking shocking is what it is...

    ...can't wait for the French...

    ...however if the random results are anything to go by!


  5. What a perfect Rugby day in the Bugsy household. Our boyos did the business against England and Ms Bugsy's team did the business against the Jocks.

    All in all, very satisfying.

  6. "Oh you're all very quiet over there...."
  7. 'Kinell - we was shoite!


  8. Well done Ireland.
  9. Guru - reassessed Andy Farrell's contribution to English rugby since last time we crossed path?
  10. The better team won. What more can I say. :D
  11. Lack of conviction, confidence, ideas and experience made for a woeful England display in Croke Park. Back to the drawing board, and back to getting the basics right.

    To take nothing away from Ireland, an inspired performance.

    Shame it took to match 3 to find their potential.

    Well done Ireland.
  12. It is a sad day for the english :(
  13. Who gives a sh*t. The rest of us were cheering!
  14. Errr, the better team won....and they really whupped yo ass!
  15. Not really. I think the number of English players who did well were very few.