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Discussion in 'REME' started by legohead, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I am due posting shortly which will be my final 2 years in the glorious corps, i am asking you all for any suggestions on units that are tranquill where i can be put out to pasture for my final run in ......

    Thanks in advance....
  2. Dream on kiddo, into my last 12 months and still going flat out!
  3. I'm in my last few months lego and I got a posting to the home of the kebab, boss's have been great and are givng me loads of time to sort myself out, also managed to get myself educated again at the AEC here, they to have been superb.

    My job is up at the end of this year (depends on rank of course), PM me if you need any further advice mate.

    Good luck with the resettlement.
  4. You are still getting pay big fella; grow a pair and fight to the finish!!
  5. Crap advice. Start looking out for yourself and your future, not at the job.

    For a posting? Try and look to the area you would like to settle in after leaving.
  6. I agree with the above, having done 21 you would expect to be able to lift off the gas a I said going flat out and getting faster as it goes, thoes that be are in for a rude one very shortly as I intend to make my position clear and back off in a big way, FFS, all I got on my DII mail today was chainmail shits from various section heads who have nothing better to do and years to go....................F uck you I am out soon and very shortly I will drop the ball and you can catch it.
  7. Check out the FTOD bit before you move,(Final Tour of Duty) it could help with removals later on.
  8. you love it really :rendeer:
  9. I know it's old fashioned, but if the Government is paying you, you should bloody well work for the money.

    If you want to step off the gas and drop the ball, volunteer for a reduction in rank and take a pay cut.

    The army, government and people of Great Britain don't owe you anything. You are paid well for what you do, so do it, until the day you leave.

    I managed to work until the day I went on resettlement/terminal leave, why can't you?
  10. Legohead, its time to look after number 1 you've done your bit dont listen to some of these tossers on here cause as soon as your out the gov and and army dont give a toss abot you. But the best bit of advice is get as close to your place your going to settle in and a unit that has little to nil chance of a deployment possibly TA. And good luck in civvy street . :D
  11. Nige....

    You are obviously a very angry and bitter man....i am thinking of myself and family for once, also the other 20 years or so i want to work when i finish...

    But thanks for your input.......
  12. I don't think the OP is suggesting that he wants a posting where he doesn't have to work (although if one exists he'd be daft to turn it down if offered!), but tbh who the hell in their right mind wants to be in and out of theatre when they have a future to think about?

    Are you suggesting that those who are posted to easy units should hand in their tapes and a percentage of their pay?
  13. Bore off Nige, dont talk about loyalty you jumped ship asap. Lego, get your ctw done and then crack on with courses, it flys by mate I can tell you. Look after No1 as the army wont give a shite as soon as your discharged.
  14. 24A has given good advice, LH. Sort yourself and your family out, and have a good life.
  15. legohead,
    I'm not bitter or angry mate, I'm living the dream in Australia and loving it.

    I am just saying that if you are happy to take the pay, be happy to do the work.

    If you find a nice cushy posting, good luck to you.

    Use all the entitlements you have available, just don't shirk your responsibilities and leave a pile of crap for whoever replaces you.

    What annoys me is this belief that people on their last tour can sit back and relax, leaving others to 'pick up the ball' as suggested above by TRAZTAZ. This just means taking money under false pretences, which is wrong.

    Ringdoby, I don't want a chocolate medal thanks, I have enough real ones thanks.
    24A - who said anything about jumping ship? I signed off and got a new job - still managed an Op tour within my last 6 months though.....