Final Polls Point To Hung Parliament

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, May 5, 2010.

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  1. Britain is heading for a hung parliament according to the final opinion polls before the General Election.

    The surveys give the Tories a lead of between eight and nine points but none hand outright victory to David Cameron.
    The Populus survery for the Times puts the Tories up one point on 37% with Labour on 28% (down one) and the Lib Dems also down a point on 27%.

    My question is why won't DC win at 37% having a 9 point lead? Why do we have such shite voting systems :?

    Why do we vote for local MP's in a party of choice, when surely we should be ticking a box to elect a party leader like in America? :? :x
  2. When you think about it 63% of people don't want him in so its not such an unjust system.
  3. Hopefully it will be like John Major in 1992, and the undecideds will all see sense in the booth tomorrow and vote Tory. It has happened before.
  4. Tories will win tomorrow, most probably with a slim majority or with a bit of help from their friends in Northern ireland. Take a look at the piccys of Athens on the web tonight. We have a deficit as big as theirs. A labour win would be curtains. There are enough sensible people out there to prevent doomsday from happening.

    If I am wrong and Harriet Hairman and the LibDems form a govt on monday, then we can be sure of one thing, it will be entertaining, right up to the point when the men in suits from the IMF come to our rescue once more.

    Here's hoping that that socialist tw*t Balls goes down with the sinking ship..
  5. Try swapping the Labour and conservative %s around and see the difference. It is very unfair.

    EDIT to add: Use this.
  6. I suppose we shall just have to wait a day or two and see......
  7. I don't think we do mate. We have (historical) voted for the party, local reps are and have been irelavant. Then we had the ' Unions' power, to alter, what was a good system. It needs changing
  8. Work this one out then:

    If the Tory's win 321 seat
    Labour win 93 seats
    Lib Dems win 209 seat
    and the rest get 27 seats

    Even though that result would give the Tory's 112 seats more than the next biggest party, that still ends with a Hung parliament... Crackers..!

    BBC Linky
  9. It should definitly be hung, then drawn, then quartered.

    failing that; If they can't work together to sort out the mess then they are in the wrong job, the rest of us have to deal with whoever we are asked to work with, and most of us get along just fine and get the job done. Politicians get a grip.
  10. Yet you would all still vote for the Tories who have absolutley no plans what-so-ever to change the system.

    Sure everythings unfair when it disadvangages you.

    Give me a hung parliament, Lib/Lab or a Lab majority. Its in my best interests.
  11. How our Brit cousins could consider voting for ANYone on the Left anymore -- unless of course they're feeding at the public trough -- is beyond me. But then, I said that about Obamarx too.

  12. Bookies odds have shortened on a hung parliament, and drifted on Tory win.
  13. Might have a defecit as big as their's but we have a vastly larger economy, so it's not quite the same.
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    hung my arrse lets have a hanged parliament.
  15. For the same reason as Labour got 3% more votes than the Tories last time and ended up with 80% more seats. Constituencies are rigged to give Labour a 10% advantage in a general election.

    In Tony's landslide of 1997, Labour got 12% more votes than the Tories. Dave needs a 10% lead just to break even with Labour.

    Of course, that would mean a hung Parliament which means Gordon gets to stay in No 10, even if he came third in terms of votes polled. He will remain PM until either he can form a coalition or until he chooses to resign, which is about as likely as Jordan taking a vow of celibacy.

    That's the problem. Over 50% of adults in the UK derive their income from the state. They either work for the government (>20%) or they are living off welfare (>30%). The expression "turkeys don't vote for Christmas' springs to mind.