Final phase recruit training

Hi guys

Please no bone answers, looking for some quality advice :) I am away this weekend on my final phase of recruit training. I am a last minute replacement, so I havent received my joining instructions yet, I am not even sure which base I am going to and how I am getting there. I am expecting to get a lot of info at drill night this wednesday, but I want to try and get prepped in advance of that so as to avoid a mad rush on thursday trying to get everything in time.

So my question is, apart from all the normal bits of kit that you take on a training weekend, is there anything extra that I should be considering/getting for this course. I know very little about what you do on the course, but I have heard that you go into the field twice, once for 2 days and once for 3 days. I am also imagining a fair amount of time doing drill and PT etc.

So does anyone have any useful/helpful info which might help me prepare for the course please.

It should be similar to your Bravo, but for two weeks...and with range time

Take money, snacks, Iron (and a board would be a good idea), take all the shit you cant live with out, fags, chocolate, shoe polish, razors, baby wipes, pens, paper etc etc Be prepared for the naffi to not sell what you might need, oh washing powder maybe....etc etc Maybe an mp3 player?
Kit wise basically same as you took for bravo.

The following is a list of things that made my life easier;
-small flask/thermos mug that seals
-small vanity mirror for shaving in field
-woolly hat
-large pack baby wipes (makes cleaning your respirator easier)
-good lighter for lighting hexi
-an extra utility pouch/water bottle pouch for your webbing if you only have a skeletal rig.
- zip'n'seal bags to waterproof your kit
-scotch bright/brillo pads to keep mess tins sparkling for inspections (or a 'spare' set of tins...
-duster and furniture polish can help on inspections too
You only spend two nights out and only half a day on drill. I think we had two PT sessions in the gym, two practice CFT's, an endurance run and two PFT's. The first three days will be spent repeating all the tests you did at the end of 1B. You get one re test then its RTU. Most of the rest is CBRN, Nav, BCD, shooting and ironing. Any spare time you have will be spent sleeping!
Take all the spare uniform you can and keep your best set in the locker (don't touch it till pass out day), the rest goes in the foot locker.
Spare mess tins is a good idea, plus at least two extra pouches for your belt kit. Shamags are great if its cold and i swear by an old pair of DPM mittens that i bought.
Thanks for the tips guys. Most of those things I had been thinking of already.

Found out that I am going to ATR Winchester. Literally on the other side of the country. Not too sure about travelling all the way from Scotland to southern England with an ironing board, will have to think about that one. Reckon it will be a night train down to London or something like that.

Anyone got any ideas about taking non-issue kit with? At RTC they said once you did weekend 4 you could use whatever cooker you wanted etc. Anyone have experience of this (good/bad)

I was at ATR Winchester this time last year, and it was hexy only for us.
I think most other things have been mentioned but if i think of anything i'll repost.

I thought of something !!! Take atleast 4 padlocks, either all with the same key so you don't have to carry loads of keys about or combination locks.
Ah now thats a top tip, I meant to ask about how much space you get etc. At Redford you normally get a cupboard which you can lock, is that the same at Winchester? And why 4 padlocks, I have two which is normally enough. Do you get extra storage space?

In terms of cooking, I use the crusader cup and cooking unit. For fuel I use hexi covered in one of those gel fuel thingies, that makes a nice flame and goes for ages.

Final question. Is there some sort of pass out parade to mark the end of your training? Any photos taken or families invited? Or am I being too optimistic and thinking of the regs :)

You get one locker for all your personal kit that never gets inspected, you have a main locker for your main kit, a smaller locker above your bed to keep your bergen in and a locker under the bed for CBRN kit.

We had a pass out parade that families and friends were invited to, it's not a big thing but it marks the final day nicely.
I used gas apart from on the "test" where we had to use hexi (to show we knew how hexi works!"
Lockers depends where you go, we had one big metal one that was inspected and a wooden footlocker under the bed that wasn't looked at. Bergens lived at the end of the bed and other bags etc could be stashed at the head end of the bed out of sight.
At grantham you get your main locker which has to be set up as stated, we were inspected 5 times in all and glad to say we passed everytime. Wooden foot locker and personal locker if its locked aint looked at. and like rockhopper said, bergen at the end of the bed, and everything else under your bed. neatly of course.

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