Final payday.

OK, so my time is up, last day in the Army is 16th Sept, for my final half a month of pay, do I get paid on MY last working day or on the last working day of Sept?

Also, what is the usual amount of time for the gratuity to hit the account and receipt of P45/P60? This last one is a biggie as I'm on a vicious tax code at the moment.

I got the "textbook" answers from my UAO, but that was back in May when I went on my final leave and I would rather hear actual experiences of the timings so I can have realistic expectations.
I suspect your RAO has done a bunk with the cash.............
When I got out in 2007 it took 2 months from my discharge date to receive my gratuity and pension.
Mind you, it was the time they switched over to JPA.
Get ready for your rather crappy discharge docs as well!!
i left the RN last september 16th, got paid at end of month then got gratuity 8 days later, then another 8 days then started getting my med discharge pension.

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