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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. i was lead to believe , as told by pay clerks before leaving, that i would be paid a final pay packet & that any outstanding monies owed, ie LSAP, would be deducted from your gratuity and that it would be paid into your bank on the last day of service.

    correct or wrong????

    spoke to glasgow today & was told i am receiving no final wage as it was deducted from the LSAP i still owed the military.

    not a massive problem really but now have to wait potentially up to a month for the gratuity/pension to be squared away and still have to pay all my bills/mortgage/etc.

    i certainly will not miss the military pay system.
  2. I assume you took out LSAP with less than 10 years left to serve? JSP 752 states that any amount outstanding is taken as follows: "the balance being recovered from their final salary/ terminal benefits." In true Army fashion, looks like both you and Glasgow are correct!! Whether the JSP is written in such a way that it covers whatever takes Glasgow's fancy, I am unsure Sorry can't be of more help.
  3. The way it should work is LSAP taken from final salary, credit made to pay of same amount which is then deducted from terminal benefits. This means you should receive your final pay on time - lump sum is paid up to 30 working days after final day in service (normally much quicker). When are you due to finish?

  4. Last October I left after 22 and the LSAP I owed took all of my last pay and then the rest came out of my pension lump sum, which did not take anything like 30 days, more like 7.
  5. i am out & had not received any final wage payment so that is why i rang jpa & got told the above. :x
  6. I left 9 years ago (After 22) and they were going to try that little one on me I just stated that they would be in breach of my human rights to leave me with no money, as I had a family to feed and a Mortgage to pay, when the monies owed could be taken out of my final lump sum.

    I got my final wage packet and the remainder was paid minus my Housing Advance 14 days later.

    What are you meant to live on?

    Give it a go it worked for me.