Final pay on discharge

I will completing 18 years service on 17th nov 2009 and will get the cash under the new afps 05. What will my final salary it be 17 days worth at the end of Nov 09 or ...........???
The really good clerks at work dont have a clue which is unusual !!!!! :?
...then be proactive and either phone up the JPAC and ask where it has gone (as you will need to fill in AFPS1 pronto) or go on to the Defence Net and download it. There will be no one to blow your nose for you when you are in Civ Div.
I love the way that filling the admin lacuna is now described as being "proactive". In my day you could scarcely make a telephone call.
Somehow it is poes fault he has not received a leavers pack, classic SPS
My final day is 17 Oct, so could let you know either then or the end of the month, whenever I get it.
thanks for the reply. The AGC are telling me 2 things.............I will get 17 days pay at the end of Nov (discharged 17th nov) and some one else in the AGC is telling me that i will get a full months wage end nov but 17 days of a wage in december. I think i will go to worthy down, learn nothing and return to advise troops on their pay.....oops too late, its already been done !!!
Service Leavers Pack

Google is your friend.

The bit you need:

Pay Entitlement
You will be paid up to and including your date of termination. Before the beginning of the
month in which you are due to terminate, or the start of your termination leave, you must
contact your unit HR Admin staff to make sure your allowance entitlements are stopped
on the correct dates.
Any overpayments or other Service debts will be deducted from your final pay
and/or terminal benefits.
Address and Bank Account Information
All monies will be paid into the account used for your monthly pay unless you change
the details on JPA. Any future correspondence will be sent to your nominated address.
(You can change your address and/or account details on JPA online if you have access,
otherwise your unit HR admin staff can make the changes for you).
Payment of Final Balance
Your final pay will be forwarded on the payday of the month of termination once any
outstanding debts or overpayments have been recovered.
strange when i put the dates into it for discharge it works out final sallery for me
BIPOLAR77 said:
strange when i put the dates into it for discharge it works out final sallery for me
this is final salary base for pension purposes as apposed to how & when your final working pay will be month in arrears etc
ahh sorry mate makes sense now I would assume start of Dec for your 17 days pay for Nov
To be fair it is not the SPS that make your final payment, or any other salary payment for that matter.

Your final payment will be processed by Discharge Pay at Glasgow, and it should be your 17 days pay less any bills that you may incur during your discharge procedures.

They should pay it within 10 working days of your discharge date, but even then it is a mystery as to how they actually do it.

I certainly would be beating down the door to the Admin Office to get your AFPS 1 Form done, or no EDP for you !!! :D
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