final pay and gratuity - jpa does it again !!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ramsfan, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. I was discharged on 15 Apr 07 and had bad feelings about jpa data migration and my final pay et al not being correct. Previous unit was no help !!!
    My gut feeling was correct - no details are held on jpa and my data was not transferred correctly. I am now having nightmares getting it sorted - no final pay, no sign of any gratuity and no details held on Paymaster system for pension payments. I am on the phone to the Glasgow JPA EC regularly and they give me the standard answer, although one person has been a great help and raised very urgent queries - it could still take 10 days !! Is anyone else suffering like this........? :
    My question is does anyone have any advice for where I can go now to expedite the process - I am paying interest on overdraft caused by non payment and cannot pay for home improvements becoz I aint had my gratuity after 15 days !!!
  2. I am to be discharged in the next few months and I fear I will face a similar situation to ramsfan.

    Only a slightly different note, I have been trying to squeeze a pension forecast out of JPAC since Feb 07. My first request was simply not actioned or perhaps ignored. I requested another forecast early Apr to see what pension I would receive on the new pays scales (MOd pension calculator still using 2006 rates) and this has still not arrived. All I get from JPAC is that there is a "backlog" and given another deadline for delivery which fails. I was given the JPA Ops Room email to register a complaint but had not response from them in over a week. Does anybody have a number you can actually call to complain?

    We all knew JPA was going to be messy but fecking around with people's pensions and gratuity is surely unacceptable. Anyone got any suggestions on how this can be taken forward more formally?? PQ??
  3. ramsfan

    If this were a civvy employer - no problem they've paid you late so must pay for any damages you incur ie bank fees.

    I don't know what the legalities are with MOD, but I'm sure one way or another they'll cover you bank fees.

    As for the Home Improvement, I'm sure a couple of weeks delay is annoying but not a disaster.
  4. I am in the same situation, albeit, I left 2 weeks later than RF. I get the stock answer.

    I was faxed through my Pens Form 1 to fill out and return, again....did that faxed it of, with a receipt on it. No reply to the receipt request. On ringing this morning I was told that it would take 10 days for them to let me know if the fax had arrived.............some fcuking help that is.

    "We can't go to the back office, or give a contact number for them" even when I have a name for the Desk officer.

    The complaint procedure is in writing as well, and they are not to keen to give out the address........

    Anyone any ideas?????????????????
  5. I am in the same boat, my discharge was carried incorrectly- I have received no money apart from an incorrect final pay cheque, which the necky so and so's post dated so I couldn't bank it for 3 weeks! The JPAC staff are very helpful but there is only so much they can do and of course are not allowed to contact anyone direct - God forbid that we get to speak to the people responsible. You can try lodging a complaint or getting in contact with:

    Other than that I would suggest writing to your MP and see if they can raise the question of why a system that is blatantly not ready for use was introduced. Some poor buggers who are not due out have been receiveing final pay and P45s, must be very reassuring when you are up to your nuts in sand in Iraq!
  6. Whats all this JPA stuff then, sounds like a nightmare, glad I left in the 80s.
    Seems to me that the moderator needs to create a forum just for this JPA thing.
  7. Glad to see Im not on my own, came back from tour to find my discharge date had been brought forward leaving me 5 days short of my 22 ( luckily Unicom still had the correct details), pointed this out and only got it sorted at last minute. However now I am out, I phoned the JPAC help desk (which is misnomer if ever there was one), to find out what stage my pension was at, to be told I hadn't been terminated on the system, and that was the responsibilty of the unit, which is strange because the unit hasn't authorisation to enter this into the system, they also seem to have lost my discharge papers.
    Does anyone know if non payment of gratuity/pension is for a longer period than what is reasonable, is the MOD liable to make the loss of interest payments incyrred?

    JPA really is a f**k up.
  8. How many days after your last day in the Army should you expect your final pay and pension?

  9. Consult your lawyer
  10. Write to your MP setting out what has happened and ask him or het to raise the issue on your behalf.
  11. I've recently witnessed 2 people on continuance get their final pay packet and letters that tell them when their pension will be paid in the bank despite the fact that they are still firmly in the Army!!! Apparently Glasgow knew this was going to be a problem a few weeks ago and informed JPAC...........didn't think that the individuals may want to know as well but then I suppose why should they? Not like they would have mortgages, direct debits or food to pay for anytime soon.

    They can (hopefully) get the missing pay from the RAO and should have heathy bank statements for a while with the pension lump sum et al but surely if we are going to be affected in any way we should be informed as soon as possible (ie by signal the day it is discovered) so that banks, CSA, mortgage providers etc can be kept on side during the transition? On a lighter note another of the lads has found that he has 4 spouses.......that'll hurt!!!

  12. Consider it done.

    After being told yesterday, yet again, that I have to wait another 10 days to get an answer on why I am not even on the system and why they still have me as serving and not as time completed(although I am not getting wages, they stopped that one OK), I decided that this was the way ahead, I advised them when I spoke to them last time that if they had not sorted my pension problems out then this would be the course of action.

    I will get back as and when I have an answer from "my" MP
  13. :x

    I left the army after 22yrs on the 1st May 2007, I was given my last wage Via a check that i did not know about on my final day which to me was a loads of bollocks, "WHY" what if my bills were coming out on the first couple of days of the month i would have been in shit creek and all you lot at JPA would have said was "ask for an Overdraft to cover until the wages clear", secondly after speaking to the JPA (Dont Help me unless its in 10 days time) Helpdesk about my pension all i get from them is I will pass that on and some one will get back to you well after 11 days i am still waiting you F*** wits, get your finger out of your arrses and stop having your smoke breaks and get on the computers and sort our money out becasuse aswell as myself there are loads of people not only waiting for our pensions but also wages, OH bollocks just found out after ringing again that i have not been discharged by you F*** wits so until i get discharged properly i am paying the Basic rate Tax on my new job, this is then left to me to have a paper chase with the TAX people.
    Before you ask I have been back onto my last unit and yes they have confirmation that all the paperwork HAS been sent.

    There RANT over with (and Breath) :oops:
  14. I'm not surprised I'm not the only one having problems after leaving. I left the RAF on the 24th Apr and I'm still awaiting my final pay chit, discharge papers, gratuity and pension!

    Apparently the reason for this is that as part of my divorce settlement I was to put £3000 from my gratuity into a trust fund for my Daughter for when she reaches 18. All well and good, appropriate Court Order in place stating this would happen etc. Unbeknown to me my ex-wife decided to get her solicitors to write to the AFPS two years ago and ask them to pay her the money direct. I was never informed of this by either party. The first I knew was a letter from JPA on the 3rd May stating that because this wasn't a proper court order they couldn't do as she requested BUT until they received a revised Court Order or a cancellation from her solicitors they were withholding all of my gratuity and pension! All for a £3000 lump sum payable to my own Daughter. What makes it worse is that this matter had been on my file for TWO YEARS and only now they are acting on it when the money is due.

    I contacted JPA and got the usual '10 working days to get back to you' spiel. So I dutifully waited the 10 days even though I'd been assured it would be treated as urgent before calling back, only to be told that there was no record of my message on the system and I would have to resubmit it and again wait another 10 working days! Meanwhile my solicitor has written to them explaining the situation and even offered to 'hold' the £3000 until something is sorted in court, this again was sent more than 10 working days ago, and as of yet she has not heard a word back from them.

    I am shortly emigrating to the States and am in the final stages of my Visa application, so have not bothered finding full time work so not receiving this money is now placing a massive financial burden on me plus I need my discharge papers for my Embassy interview in London. I have absolutely no faith in anything JPA do and to rub salt into the wounds the final sentence on the letter from JPA states "It is in your interests that matters are resolved as quickly as possible". NO? REALLY? :x

  15. The discharges fiasco is stunning - I have seen all sorts of problems and yet there is no central solution to this - discharged personnel should have a point of contact NOW not in 10 Days time - I have seen the admin staff pulling their hair out trying to get an answer for blokes to resolve all of the above, to be told "Sorry, we cant speak to you, we need the invidiual", brill when you are in one country and he/she is in another.

    I think one flaw in this JPA cunning plan was that no one told the units that this would be a problem - I really do wonder if some of the personnel on the help desk understand the type of work we do - how can you get a bloke to a phone who is in the middle of no where, who has megga problems and family who are very stressed. I dont think you have to look too far for some of the reasons why personnel are leaving do you!