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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by crimsonhussar, Jan 7, 2012.

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  1. Although i knew it and have known it for years it still really pisses me off that after 33 years-ish in the Army the bastards wont pay for my final move into my own house. I just think it is so petty and really the final kick in the bollocks for this mans Army, if i was at RD i bet they would put me on the bloody provo as well! Spoilt a damn fine career actually, if MHS or whoever they are wanted to paint my quarter, not that they would have of course, i would have got removals and disturbance for moving two doors down FFS. Apparently because the move is less than 50 miles that makes a difference too, see comment above about house being redecorated. My shit is well and truly gripped! Rant over.
  2. I think you'll find that if you apply for a posting to within 50 miles of where you want to settle and they dont give you a posting you will be able to claim move expenses. There is a DIN or something on this.
  3. I have no idea what the regulations are as I am in my final posting and commute from my own house but I am surprised that, after a full career in the Army, you still show any form of surprise at being shafted by an organisation that demands loyalty and that consistently claims manpower is its most important asset but fails to demonstrate (at a corporate level at least) any loyalty to that manpower.

    I applaud your ability to remain niaive and untouched by cynicism after so many years of abuse.
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  4. There was something in a Family Federation book last year about you needing to fill a form in 2 years prior to End Ex to be able to claim your money for your final move...I didn't spot this until I was in my last 18 months so can't do it. This wasn't mentioned prior to this and seeing a lot of soldiers are in this predicament especially those who was posted all round the globe why isn't it in last 12-24 months after you have had resettlement briefs (they obviously don't mention it as by the time you go on Resettlement and housing briefs your no longer able to submit the form). i will try and dig it out from some where but maybe a Clerky or families office type Guru know what this form is that needs completing to get your final move paid for.
  5. "Split up"

    Honestly, loads of blokes are doing it (considering it myself). Live in the Mess for a few months - meanwhile Mrs / rats and kit is moved where you are going at public expense, then get back together!


  6. dont forget its also a quality way of getting jumped up the waiting list if your unable to afford home ownership, the only downside is you will have to waste your gratuity on rent unless your walking into a job of course .....

    not something i personally advocate but i have known a few people take advantage of the system in this fashion, particulalry a few who were serving o/s in there final tour and were refused every time a jobswap or move back ot uk was requested.
  7. did you submit FTOD form on your PREVIOUS posting telling them where you intend to settle?

    if so then no problem - the Army will move you at Public Expense.

    if you forgot to complete it or your clerks didn't brief you on it - then you will probably have to fork out yourself.
  8. Even worse than that, i didnt submit the FTOD on my last posting because it wasnt supposed to be my final one. I have been extended in post etc so am on my final tour but it was never meant that way. Ill get back onto it and see if i can whinge them into submission!
  9. IIRC

    If you have been extended you should have got a new assignment order.

    You would be entitled to to a move at public expense within 6 months of the date of that order.

    If you asked for the extension then that's a different matter.
  10. Thanks for all the replies guys, ill keep on and see what happens; for me the bottom line is that your last move should be paid for regardless, there shouldnt be loopholes or forms or anything else. You are leaving the forces and moving into accommodation in your chosen area to live and so it should be paid for. Just my thoughts.
  11. Crimson, I agree entirely with your sentiment. It is rather unfortunate that, having served for so long, and hopefully had a generally positive experience, your last and therefore remaining impression of service life will be a negative one.
  12. You joined the Army with sod all, got your 1157 and cracked on. At the end, you hand your 1157 back in and thin out.

    It's not the Armys fault you purchased a load of gash on the way.
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  13. This is on the AFF pages

    If you are coming to the end of your Army career then you may be interested in a little known regulation that covers ‘Final Tour of Duty’ requests. Ordinarily, first and final house moves in the military are not paid for at public expense. However, provision does exist for paying both Disturbance Allowance (DA) and Removal of Personal Effects (RPE) at public expense for a final move providing that a request to reside in a particular area has previously been made to the appropriate Career Manager. Anyone who is due to complete their Service and receive an immediate pension (e.g. completed 22 yrs or for Officers, 16yrs reckonable service), and has completed a JPA Form F024 and submitted it to their Career Manager, may be eligible. Critically, if Career Managers are unable to meet the needs of the Service Person (i.e. by posting them within 50 miles or 90 minutes travel time of the requested area) then they may be entitled to DA and RPE for their final move. In summary, the main eligibility criteria are as follows:
    The preferred location must be within the UK, and must be a Unit or Establishment in which an assignment exists that the claimant could fill if it were vacant
    They are serving at a duty station more than 50 miles from a location for which they expressed a first preference
    The Service Person is accompanied and resides in SFA or an alternative Residence at Work (RWA) address
    Or, if single, they are a homeowner or householder
    JPA Form F024 must be submitted during the Service Person’s penultimate assignment. For final postings more than 4 years in duration the form must be submitted and approved no later than 2 years before the end of Service

    Further information on Final Tour of Duty eligibility can be found in JSP 752 Chapter 7 Section 4 (this is available on ArmyNet), or simply contact your Admin Office for more details. Given the high cost of removals these days, filling in one little form may well save you a great deal of money in the future - it’s worth a look.
  14. And what do you actually mean by that?
  15. it would seem to be that he's intemating the army didnt provide you with the travel voucher for day one in basic and everything you aquired over the years on top of what you could carry on your back or drag along by hand in excess of that initial is down to you and thus your fault ...

    not quite sure thats a rhetoric the army follows mind you what wiht it encouraging people to have a familly and generate a lot of baggage (furniture/ personal possesions and of course some level of junk items and old paperwork) along the way over and above what you started out with and were issued.

    maybe i was lucky since when i got married you opted for either first or last move on your original a10's and accordingly were given what you asked for.... well ok i got free removals and what not cos it was medical but still