Final move to own house after 22 years!

Due out next year (April 2005), mad enough to apply for continuance, but moving into own house in June 2004. Can anyone please provide assistance on how to :
1. Get removals to own home. (who pays? me or MOD?).
2. Will it have any affect on Boarding school allowance?
3. Dependent on posting, if I have to live in the mess during the week will it affect the over 37 package and travel claims?
Any help and advice appreciated.
Nick P
Would need to know specifics you can PM me or E-Mail me, but have you spoken to your FSA or Sys Co-ord?
If you have a stable base (ie your spouse lives in your own home) then there is not an entitlement to BSA, I think you can keep it for 1 more term though !

DA is permissable on the Over 37 if you are over 37 and are moving as a result of a posting, if you are doing it mid tour and are already over 37 and a half then you pay yourself as it is your choice.

If you are living in the mess then you should be are to GYH(P) if in the UK, or MUSA if in a separate theatre from your spouse. If you are classed as involsep then you only pay Married Unaccompanied Food Charges, but if volsep then you will also pay for Single Accommodation and CILOCT.

If you do not qualify for the Over 37 package, you can always apply for the Final Tour of Duty package - this is very similar for the allowances you may be entitled to.

Best of luck ! :p

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