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I am trying to find out via the RAO what the score is on having my final medical abroad or with a foriegn army (in this case Australian). Any body know anyone who has done this? I'm sure I will get the DS solution but as ever there must be other ways.
I've emigrated and potentialy have my last 6 months in Oz, but it looks like I may have to return to the UK "no earlier than 8 weeks" prior to discharge for my medical.
I am sure you will have to return. I don't have the books close to hand but all the relevant FMeds etc need doing. What not many realise is that without your Release Medical and the correct paperwork reaching APC (Send recorded!!!) then you won't get your pension until they do get them. Presuming as you said last six months you are at 22 year immediate pension point.

The Medical can be done at any Med Centre (as long as they have your FMed4 and contents), and its all pre arranged.

Might be worth the visit (unless you have got a Brit MO or CMP close with the correct paperwork).

Hope this helps.
I thought the process was pension related, many thanks. Looks like I'll have to do the 6 week dive instructors course in the Bahamas to kill some time. (Yes love it is an important I didn't volunteer) any other pathetic excuses gratefully received.
We called two ex officers back from the Canaries as they hadn't had their final medicals, at their own cost.
Nice one Phantom. Nice when its the Officers get penalised. What a shame, bet it cost them loads....LOL
From my local Med Centre, final medical can be done 5 months prior to discharge, normaly there is a confirmatry medical 2 weeks prior to discharge which can be waived. Hope this may be of use to anyone else.
I've only ever seen the pre release and final medicals,

pre release done 6 weeks before you leave and the final medical on the day you hand your ID card in.
before your pre release you will need to have the medical run ups done (height, weight. BP etc usually done in the half hour before the appointment with the Dr some places do it the day before, check with your local Med Centre)

The two can be done at the same time (on your last day) in exceptional circumstances.
Milamber said:
Nice one Phantom. Nice when its the Officers get penalised. What a shame, bet it cost them loads....LOL
They were called back at their own expense as the paper trail proved that they knew they had to arrange medicals for themselves, signatures and dates to prove it.

They were only baby Artillery officers, Daddy probably paid for the flights anyway.....

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