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So, Mr Mushroom-Head is live. I'd be interested in feedback. I actually prefer him to the old PH, so thanks to Legs and Flash for the idea and work. I'll post again when I've coughed up the cash!


Nice to have a friendly face back again. BZ.

Ditto JD's post above - a bit of colour wouldn't go amiss.
cloudbuster said:
Nice to have a friendly face back again. BZ.

Ditto JD's post above - a bit of colour wouldn't go amiss.
What he said good to have a logo back. Color would be better
Good CO said:
Too much detail.
Not being up to speed that much on PC stuff is that the detail in the colour or the actual design?
Not a complaint or anything as I have my little pin badge to look at if I get all sentimental!!
Good CO said:
Too much detail.
Shame - does look much better in colour. I take it there will be a fresh production run on ARRSE mugs with the new logo? Possible to have that in colour?

You're probably doing it in a moment, but in case you've missed it, at the moment there is no logo on "Work Safe" - with Mr. PH you did the magnifying glass image + logo, if I remember correctly (though with the muggy head I have today, I could well be wrong!)

Ref the colour debate, it would look better in colour for non-Work Safe - were there not colour issues with the old Mr. PH?
IMHO would look better with no tash, or the old PH one, but we could go on forever with this so I stuck with this one. I don't like the gringo one at all.
Thats because officers can't grow gringo taches :D
Happy to see him in black and white on the site if he's going to cause the site to slow, but I'd proably be more inclined to part with everyone elses hard earned taxes ( being a tax dodging student) if related merchandise had him in colour.
Colour is no problem on larger images, but I wanted to keep him very simple for small ones, and think it works well in the header although he is too big. Will get that sorted.
Flash's original is vastly superior.

A simpler version of it for use elsewhere wouldn't have been a problem.

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