final interview with staff sargent

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by icemann, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. i have my final interview tomorrow any last minute tips or any suprises i may have sprung on me :D have no fitness problems but was told id be grilled with constant questions n stuff hints tips much appreciated cheers
  2. Turn up smart, early, confident and chatty. Be honest and know your job briefs inside out and any additional info on why you want the job, about the Corp/Regiment. Where your going, how long and what youll do at each phase.
    Any personel issues, ie partner and finances

    plus everything you mentioned on your recruiters interview and what you will expect to do at ADSC.

    Just focus on the Senior Recruiter, be confident and ask him questions aswell. Good luck
  3. cheers mate yeah have gone through briefs history ect..... hope im fine last minutes worrys thanks neway
  4. And bear in mind that this will be the last time a sergeant or staffy will address you without using the word cnut for a long time, as long as you've read up you'll be fine!
  5. No Titsinatophat I dont normally call my lads and lasses CNUTS but for you Ill make an exception. :wink:
  6. Have a clear and sensible answer for the question:
    "Why do you want to join?" If you have and you have thought it through properly all other questions should be a doddle - unless of course you are an axe murdere, in which case - leave the axe at home!!
  7. Very true us Senior ones love to be questioned!

    Good luck to you....
  8. :wink: how many sugars do you want in your coffee sir :D
  9. thanx for all post n comments much appreciated interview went briilliant and now booked in for selection on the 7/8/07 cant wait cheers
  10. Good news just keep your fitness going and put in 100% at selection. Good Luck
  11. It must be a sign of the times, I joined up in 1958 and fitness never seemed to be a problem. No-one trained before joining and for most the first time they saw a gym was in basic training (School gyms were usually the assembly hall with a vaulting horse), now all I seem to read is "what times must I achieve?may sit ups ?etc. I'm sure today's blokes are no less fit than my generation was . I wonder if this constant harping on about fitness puts a lot of lads off joining because they think they have to be super athletes. Or is it that the recruiting system is being taken over by target setters who keep bringing out new tests to justify their jobs.
  12. Unfortunately CfnX the sign of the times and playstation era. These times they have to do at selection are the bare minimum standards and within months of passing training they will be expected to be runing at least a minute or so quicker than they do at selection once in their first unit.
    Where as your generation and even mine in the seventies were out playing football every night or being active the generation of the day are on the playstations/ TV etc.
    There are minimum standards set of 11.30 for lads at selection, you then have to pass in at least under 10.30 when in your unit (in a lot of cases if your running over 10 minutes in a unit you could be on remedial)
  13. to be fair my generation are less active than urs although im proud im doing my 1.5mile in 8min 1 sec iv trained hard to get where i am lets hope times change and we can look back at what the older gen did and hope for good times
  14. Not bad youll be knocking another minute off that soon hopefully and lots of scope running in competitions. Theres some very good athletics etc and I used to travel quite a bit for Army/Corp running events in my youth.
  15. hopefully its something il look at continue doing i know i wont b the fittest but its something personally in me im very competitive i was lucky to be able to run for devon when i was youth. goin back to my last point i no i respect the history n tradition just wish others could follow suit. get my selection out way then in i go