Final homecoming for HMS Manchester

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Feb 18, 2011.

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  2. I bet the scrapyards are buying them for a quid. With all the trouble in the world we'll be defending ourselves with carving knives fastened to sweeping brush handles.
  3. Channel 5 currently shows a documentary of her last quest to the caribbean Monday nights at 8 or 9... Thus far its pretty boring.
  4. True enough, episode I saw the crew were restricted to minimum fresh water as the salt water filter thingy was broke. One of the engines was broke, they had to load supplies by hand as the crane thingy was broke. I'm sure the yank coast guard people on board were unimpressed, surprised the ship made it back to blighty.
    Oh by the way the usual chubby sailor who'es child like views of the world we have to listen to is this time female, apart from that the usual cliches.

  5. Yeah, we know, another ship heading off to the scrappers.

    Got any good news for a change?
  6. I think whoever posts this stuff thinks it is good news.