Final Fantasy XIII

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by vandyke, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. I have never played any of the FF series, but I am thinking about getting the new one. Has anybody bought and played it yet? Kids are also nagging me for it.

    Final Fantasy XIII at Amazon
  2. Played most of the others but not the new one! The last 3 were good, but not done much console gaming for a while.
  3. [geek]

    I pre-order this, as I absolutely love the FF series of games. First impressions on turning it on were that the graphics are fantastic, as you'd expect from a 'next-gen' console.

    Gameplay-wise, I believe they've got the system right this time. There's no running around during combat, like you have to do in FF12 (which I always hated), and the combat is actually pretty free-flowing. You only control one character, the other two work automatically depending on a 'program' you select for them (called a Paradigm, for example the medic paradigm will heal you, the relentless one will keep attacking, the commando one will get naked ... nvm).

    You get a lot of cutscenes in the first two chapters, but that's Japanese games for you (not as bad as the MG series).

    From what I can see, the game seems pretty deep, it's on three (3) xbox 360 discs, so it's fairly hefty. I personally recommend it.

  4. Went to ASDA at midnight to get it for the step son as he's had all the previous ones and it was an early birthday present.

    Let him play it on our HD TV rather than his steam driven TV, so got to watch him on it. Have to say, the graphics & gameplay are out of this world, very impressive.

    Apparently, the PS3 version has superior graphics if that's a choice for you.

    BTW - £35 at ASDA (they generally are the cheapest for games).
  5. Thanks for the advice, £35 at asda seems a good buy
  6. Preeeeeetty much the same...
  7. Should have gone to specsavers? PS3 looks better to me!
  8. Lifted from elsewhere for you.