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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Chris_2oo6, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. final ex in 3 weeks, just finished tac ex 3 this week which was brutal

    any advice on any gucci kit to get apart from smocks boots + daysacks?

    doing it in gaeloch head (spelling) in scotland, so it'll probably be freezing

    already got myself a softie jacket + helly hansen base layer, anything else anyone could reccomend?

  2. garelochead - plenty of warm and waterproof kit - wind and rain drives at 90 degree angle always.

    if you have never heard of it - it sits above faslane submarine base

    plenty binbags or canoe bags to keep everything dry

    emergency rations - half a dozen mars bars, pro plus to keep you awake

    goretex socks - love them!
  3. Chris_2006 you may want to take some mozzie repelant , although early in the year the buggers are still about ,as quite a mild winter.
  4. All the usual stuff mate - fablon for maps etc. I bought myself a really small hexi type cooker one day, third the size of the monster issue one. It fitted into the base of a water bottle carrier (58 patt), lasted for years unlike the issue ones, and was ideal for metal (44 patt) mugs. Things like this are really worth getting hold of. I always carried loads of brew kit and so did my section. We could be anywhere and I'd stop and say Brew_Time.

    BT. :thumright:
  5. Mozzie repelant, canoe bags for your kit and a sense of humour.
  6. I've known people get casevac'd off that area with hypothermia :omfg:


    Not going. :thumright:

    Hope this helps :)
  7. Yeah quite right. The best mozzi repelant is Autan and its in a red and yellow tube. Brilliant stuff. The worst mozzi infested area I ever went to was STANTA in Norfolk. Can get it in most good pharmasist - Boots etc.

    BT. :thumright:
  8. Did my JNCO promotion Cadre there nice area !!!!! and im scottish.

    Mag changing drills were:

    open pouch,
    mag off,
    new mag out,
    empty water from mag,
    new mag on..........
  9. Yeah love the place, its a brilliant training area for patroling skills. Sometimes go there for a drive about on a Sunday as the gates are all open. Spotted a pure white ferret down by the Bailey Bridge last year, quite friendly too. There were a few squaddies at West Tofts and East Wretham but that was bout it.

    BT. :thumright:
  10. Jeez, Garelochhead, there is a place I havn't thought about for years. Did a TA camp there in October (summer camp my arrse), the DS was blown down the first night, half the unit had hypothermia at some stage or another, and just to cap it all, it was "have a good day off guys, we're driving you to GLASGOW to spend it there".

    Best radio message of the entire camp though was
    "I've crashed my Landrover"
    "Where are you?"
    "In a ditch"

    Absloutly no relevance, except to illustrate it's cold, wet & windy - but there is always something worse - Glasgow!
  11. i hope the area aint as bad as otterburn

    the hills there are a beast
  12. Top Flag on Castlelaw ranges, that's a hill.....
  13. The most important thing for this time of year will be a mosquito net for your head. In fact get two in case you lose one (heaven forbid your admin is that bad). There are places on GTA that if you stay still for two seconds the mossies will drive you wild. They may or may not be about at this time of year but its really not worth the risk. Also take as much light weight kit as possible as the hills are a beast. Much worse than otterburn in places.