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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by im_plan_b, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. I know loads have people asked same/similar questions but im not here to read about someone else's question going through pages and pages of 'chat' and debate haha....

    I have completed my maths test, the english test and the BARB test (scoring 81)....

    Ive done research into my 3 choices...

    *Infantry soldier
    *Operator Military Intelligence
    *REME (either Armourer or Recovery mechanic)

    i like bits from each job, for example the activeness, humanitarian work, fitness and frontline work of infantry,
    the very specialist work of millitary intelligence with 100% instant promotion to L.corpral after phase 2 then corpral after a year in rank and the qualifications of REME too...

    but on making my decision is there anything you could state or suggest that may help?
    perhaps tell me about lifestyles of the job, what you do on a normal day, how active you are, do you go out on frontline operations, how much time is spent on physical tasks/operations and how much in the class/workshop? and what are the people like? anything that could attract me to your trade or better my knowledge would be appreciated
    dont send links to army jobs website ive looked at every job on there and the official army website, im asking about specificsabout lifestyle, and bringing more realism to the situation
  2. as i said im not posting this for everyone to have banter, i want to know more about the listed, anything that could persuade me into a choice.. if you have anything really useful or if you have one of those trades, please do PM me and tell me about daily routines, lifestyle, opinions etc... thanks 1million guys!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.