Finacial Advice on wages earnt in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by cakenarse, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. I am about to go and work in Afghanistan for a civi contractor who is paying me in euro's. I am after any advice on how i should best take care of my finances, i have been told to get an offshore bank account and have my wages paid into that and then transfer what i need to my uk account. Is there any reason why i shouldnt just have my wages paid straight into my uk account.
  2. Not really, you'll get stitched for tax either way if you are a UK resident.
    Go to an accountant to get details. Get a quote for any work before you hire them - some are absolute rip off merchants.

    If you are "self employed" on contract to said contractor, then you can claim costs of work equipment, travel and so on against tax.
  3. Shouldnt get stung for tax as i will be submitting a p85 (non uk resident) as will be working 3 months on 1 off for the next 2-4 years
  4. Try and contact a company called PAYCO
  5. What would payco do for me?
  6. In that case you need an accountant not ARRSE I think! Not sure Offshore banking will help particularly though.

    You would do well to reserve enough funds to pay tax if it doesn't work out for long enough. Happened to me!

    Good luck!
  7. EX STAB

    What happened?
  8. Cakenarse,

    Three on, one off - where are you planning on spending the one off? If it's in the UK then you may not become non-resident and your worldwide wages could be subject to UK Income tax. Also, if you only do two years in Afghanistan, you'll also possibly not qualify as non-resident.

    As others have suggested, I would speak with a financial adviser/accountant with specific non-residence experience and/or make sure you keep 40% of your wages put to one side to deal with any eventual tax bill.

    There's some info on the HMRC website, but better speaking to an expert on the subject to avoid any nasty surprises. Click here for a starter for ten.

    Good luck.
  9. PAYCO are a company that sort out self employed wages and taxes for those working abroad for any length of time, i used them when i started working abroad a few years ago, dont use them anymore as my job has changed but they helped wit tax, expenses and all the usual stuff.

    Won't do any harm to give to speak to them
  10. I have worked in tax free County's for the last few years including over a year in Kabul, a year in Qatar and a few months in Kuwait and UAE.
    I have never declared myself non UK resident as long as you spend over 9 months out of 12 or on average over four years its not an issue and Ive been looked into as well by the tax man although I did have to go to NZ travelling for three months to average the four year rule.

    As they say above get a reputable accountant and he/she will point you in the right direction and I have had all my money paid into UK bank accounts without an issue.
    I am currently contracting in Belgium but paying UK taxes through Atlantic Umbrella.
    Unsure if they work with tax free issues but it may be worth checking out.
    Ive not had a problem with them for the 16 Months Ive been here.

    Hopes this helps
  11. Barely got started.

    Supposedly hired for two on, one off for three years (Survey work, Persian Gulf)
    Did two months, came back, mother died = delayed going back out by a month = contract not renewed = ended up working in Swindon!

    Three years is a long way to plan ahead and if you've spent all your winnings and find the contract gets cut short just before three years are up you could be looking at selling your house to pay the tax bill.