Filthy Unwashed Socialist Student jailed .......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Peter Dow Disciple, Jul 9, 2011.

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  1. Drunk student who hurled sticks at police officers during anti fees demo jailed for a year

    The university dreams of a student with ‘exceptional promise’ were shattered last night after he was jailed for rioting during protests against Government cuts.

    Francis Fernie, 20, became embroiled in a violent stand-off with police outside luxury goods retailer Fortnum and Mason as 500,000 demonstrators brought London to a standstill in March.

    Damning CCTV footage showed him drunkenly throwing sticks that had been used to hold placards at officers who were struggling to calm a surging mob.

    Fernie, who was described as having a ‘social conscience and active interest in politics’, recently sat his A-levels and was expected to take up an offer to study science at Sheffield Hallam University.

    But within days of completing his exams he travelled to London from York for the protests. He wept as he was jailed for 12 months at Kingston Crown Court yesterday after admitting violent disorder.

    Read more: Drunk student who hurled sticks at police officers during anti fees demo jailed for a year | Mail Online

    I hope the middle class, wannabe revolutionist gets a hard time from big ron in the nick.
  2. should have been for 5 years. This oik will b e out in 3 months.
  3. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    For throwing two sticks? Give your head a wobble.
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  4. spotty young cunt will go straight to protection. so not much chance of a good raping.
  5. Was he throwing sticks into a pond? I don't think so. Was he throwing "sticks" with the intent to damage property and injure people? Yes. Was he involved in other damage to property? Highly likely. That is a criminal offence and should be met with the right punishment.
    Now think, if this fellow had thrown a stick with intent to harm (as he was doing) and it hit you, your missus or your child in the head/face, would you be so sympathetic to this chap?
  6. Well, he's got an assured future in the Labour Party if he wants it, so we could be looking at the PM of 2040.
  7. They're pretty brave, standing up for what they believe in, aren't they?
  8. Sticks and stones may break my bones.
    But prison will fking kill me.
    Hope he's got lots of vaseline.
  9. Silly little boy....

    There was a time when you could fuck up in your youth and walk away from it after the price had been paid. Courtesy of Google his conviction will follow him around for ever. I don't suppose he'll find life in a YOI much fun either; possibly a more valuable education than his first year as an undergraduate though....
  10. YOI? He is 20 years old according to the report.
  11. You only get sent to the daddy prison when your 21.


    Picture added for dramatic effect.
  12. When did that change.? I remember spending some glorious time on the adult wing when I was 16/17.
  13. Not worse than what the EDL have been up to I remmeber once seeing a youtube video of them beating a police man up with 10 guys.
  14. Who is that filthy looking tramp in your pic ?
  15. I was going to make a serious comment in here actually agreeing with something you'd said.

    Then I saw that you'd started spunking out your usual shite, you wank-filled sockpuppet.