Filthy sports that should be included in the olympics

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. I have just tuned in to OZ style Aerobics. W@nking to this should clearly be included in the olympics, maybe a complimentary nosh could be dished out by the fittest female instructor.

    I know beach volleyball is already there and full marks to the porvort who got this in the olympiad - hat dofted..

    What would be your ideal wanking sport for you in the olympics... fellow arrsers over to you???[​IMG]
  2. I've not seen Oz Aerobics for over 10 years. Glad it's still going strong.
  3. Potholeing, very filthy but a bit boreing for the spectators
  4. Naked Beach Volleyball. Saw it being played on the beach in Kos.

    Normal volleyball has never looked the same since.

    Forgot to say; They were mixed male and female teams.
  5. ...she looks like a good sport to me, put her in the olympics :p
  6. I've seen one or two Thai women than can fire ping-pong balls out of their gussets rather rapidly, and at varying length. And bearing in mind some are like a money-box, and others are like a wizard's sleeve - the size of the balls that can fit snugly in said area could form the various 'weight divisions' among the 'sport'.
    Although I'd wait until after 2012 before proposing the idea. In this country we're a little too PC to accept such a risque concept. I blame Gordon Brown.