Filthy Johnny

Filthy Johnny uses any excuse to cut loose with a string of vectives. The substitute teacher in his 7th grade health class does not know this.

"Boys and Girls. I'm Miss Whipplewharton. I have been instructed to teach you about the human reproductive system. I'd like each of you to tell me what you have seen regarding this."

Little Mary stands up and says, "My mommy had a baby last month. I know that babies are part of the human repro...what you said...process." She sat down.

Sammy stood up. "Last week I saw a special program about why a woman has to have a hyster...ectomy. I'm pretty sure that has to with reproduction."

Filthy Johnny stood up and said, "Check it. I watched a John Wayne movie tha uther day. He's bein' chased by about a thousand Indians. He rode his horse down into a canyon, took a position behind a rock, and shot every single one a' them Injuns."

The teacher furrowed her brow and said, "That's an interesting story, Johnny, but what does that have to do with the reproductive system?"

"That'll teach them Indians not to f*ck with John Wayne."
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