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Well, we've got the Films You've Just Watched thread and some people have been discussing what films they'd like to see. Either at the cinema or newly released on DVD.

Well, I thought I'd kick it off with Zombieland, a action/comedy with, you guessed it, Zombies. It's got pretty good early reviews by critics.

Anyone else have any gems they'd like to see, hidden or in plain view?
How about

'Gordon Brown. My part in his downfall'

The plot involves a strong hemp rope and a lamp post.


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want to see the uncut Watchmen on BR, and of course, the Alien quadrilogy when it finally gets it's blu ray release. here's hoping the discs look as good as the 2001 and The Thing BR discs do.

Avatar is going to be worth seeing I think as well.
Looking forward to 28 Months Later which is supposed to be being made when Danny Boyle raises the finance
I've been waiting for the new Terminator to come out on DVD, Inglourious Basterds and The 9.
I`ve been trying to find a copy of 'Misadventures at Mega Boob Manor'. Saw it in the early `90s but was drunk at the time so can only remember snippets. Plenty of birds in it with massive jugs. :D

Saw a trailer for this last night and it looked pretty decent. Made by the director of Day After Tomorrow and Independance Day, it follows the lives of people as they try to survive apocalyptic disasters.

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