Films worth a CGI update

Just looking at the thread about film/TV villians who left a mark, and seeing how many sci-fi fantasy villains are mentioned, another thought struck me:

We see a lot of CGI-based remakes of older films. 'Clash of the Titans' is a recent example - I remember going to the pictures to see the original, and Saturday morning/Christmas viewings of all the other old Ray Harryhausen films featuring Sinbad and so on.

But is there room for selective updating of older films with little bits of CGI?

George Lucas managed to c*nt up the original three Star Wars films (no, he did) by adding bits but take the original 'Terminator' as an example: it still stands up as a film of its time, has a plot and lots of atmosphere, but the final scenes where the terminator has been stripped of flesh and is going after Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese are more than a little dated. Might it be worth just updating the last few scenes but leaving the rest well alone?

What else is out there that could benefit from this, or should we leave well alone?
auscam said:
Blade Runner? Or are they too likely to cock it up?
Well, makes sense if only because they can hardly come up with yet ANOTHER blooming cut of the original. Though I dread to think who they would cast in so many iconic (if only visually) roles.

Deckard would presumably be Nicholas Cage, since he seems to be compulsory for every remake at the moment. Would be rubbish, but he would still be the casting agent's first thought.

As for Batty, Rachel, Pris...
the_boy_syrup said:
Pacifist_Jihadist said:
Sacred territory here, The Longest Day.
I've seen a colour version of that

I don't think I've seen a remake that is better than the original
I now tend to stay clear of them
NOT remakes, though. I'm on about selective touching-up [snigger] of the original film.
Rafair7643 said:
PE4rocks said:
The Dam Busters, not a bad film but the SFX(1) at the time were pure pants

(1) The explosions n stuff.
Currently being filmed in New Zealand, script by Stephen Fry.
It'll be in 3D when completed. It's far from being filmed as yet. There's been a lot of production issues or as the military expression describes it - "on the Lanc, off the Lanc".

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