Films that you like that you shouldnt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. Following on from various threads of a similar ilk, are there any films that you have seen that you really enjoyed but would out you as a raving girl if it became general knowledge?

    I'll kick off with a film called Fools Rush In, starring Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek. It is just a cliched chick flick, where she ends up having his baby on the top of the Hoover Dam, and a big white (?) wedding on cliff tops at the end, but for some reason had me wiping away a tear. What a fanny.
  2. Desperately Seeking Susan.

    Yes, I know...
  3. Um... Stepmom...
  4. My name is Gonzo and I like Moulin Rouge - please forgive me.

    (Not only is it a chick flick but it's also a musical *shudder*)
  5. Naked by Mike Leigh, starring David Thewlis.
    So weird but i like it!
  6. Titanic.

    Whoah whoah whoah with the Tar and Feathers! Look at it this way:

    Big ship sinks.
    Kate Winslet gets her chebs out.
    Leonardo DiCaprio drowns.

    What's not to like? (Other than Celine Dion's wailing)
  7. An Officer and A Gentleman!

    See You later....................
  8. The Wild Geese. Just the idea of drunken old duffers running riot in Africa for loads of dosh gives me hope of a good future
  9. War of the Worlds
  10. Grease.

  11. That doesn't make you a girl.
  12. For some inexplicable reason I really enjoy watching the Kevin Costner self indulgent puke fest "The Postman" over 3 extraordinarily long and tedious hours but I still watch it whenever it comes on the box, why ?

    I also like "Unbreakable" and watched it again the other night and that is truly pants
  13. Damn, a good point. I might have to re-think my Titanic hatred.

    I did enjoy providing a commentary during the bit where passengers are dropping all over the place and bouncing off the superstructure (such as 'boinnnng!' or 'oooh that's got to hurt'). For some reason the Boss was less than impressed.

    However, as long as DiCaprio dies horribly, I'll watch it. Floppy haired gurning chimp.
  14. evolution...
    big jelly thing at the end... erm... well... not the ending i would have chosen...
  15. [​IMG]

    "Close your mouth please Michael, we are not a codfish"