Films that make you feel uncomfortable

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tazzers, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. I'm at work on a 12 hour shift in a 24/7 telecomunications national operations centre and we have a huge overhead projector on which we can watch everything from pay per view programmes (free of charge) to DVDs.

    Then somebody chooses a film and that film at this time is Deliverance.

    Its one of those films that makes me cringe a bit and I was wondering what films make you feel uncomfortable when you are watching them.
  2. Crying Game
  3. "Double-Anal 12 inches - this time it's personal" always makes me squirm a little.
  4. Anything involving peole shagging kids or animals..............or anything with Morris Dancers in it.
  5. Army Trainig films - they used to make me cringe!
  6. Most yank comedies - because they are invariably not.
  7. Deliverance?

    Puts me in mind of the village where I have the misfortune to live, at the moment. So far none of the locals have cottoned on to why, every now and then, I hum 'Duelling Banjos'! :biggrin:
  8. Hugh Grant films just wrong wrong wrong!
  9. what about "Southern Comfort" ?
  10. Is that you getting the round in CB?
  11. spawn,

    worst film i have ever seen... filled with deep hatred everytime i see it.

    saving private ryan... on in every guardroom across the land, i wont watch it because i know ill catch the start or the end when im on stag next
  12. choc shit lovers
  13. "Miss Congeniality 2" - saw it with female friends and wanted to kill myself. Then walked into AAC and RLC "lounge" in officer's mess and they were watching it, I was appalled.

    Anything where I see penises, puts me right off my stroke.

    General chick flicks.

    Those films where when you're watching it someone jumps you from behind with a 14" c0ck - I find that mildly discomforting in my stretched ricker
  14. Pregnant with Dogs 2
  15. amercian history-x hands down that shower scene och lol