Films that define Xmas

Christmas is not only a time of peace and goodwill to all man it is a time for the 'traditional' Christmas films. There are films that have defined my Christmas since I was a young lad, long before remote controls when one had to get the butler to change channel for one but, there again, there was only three to choose from. There are many programmes that define Christmas, usually Christmas Specials like Only Fools, Morecambe and Wise etc but to me it is the films that are shown on TV that really define Christmas.

Here are a few films that mean Christmas to me:

The Great Escape
Ice Cold In Alex
Zulu - (Sky Classics 14.40)
A Bridge Too Far - (Sky Modern Greats 15.00)
Mary Poppins
The Sound of Music

Are there any other films that define Christmas for you? You don't have to like them, just associate them being on at Christmas.
chitty chitty bang bang
007 films (Moonraker)
The Black Hole
Ben Hur
BIPOLAR77 said:
chitty chitty bang bang
007 films (Moonraker)
The Black Hole
Ben Hur
Have you ever noticed the red sports car in the background during the chariot race in Ben Hur?


Book Reviewer
Die Hard quadrilogy. Well thats what Sky put on yesterday at midday.

I would say Star Wars. Used to be a mainstay, but it's (legendary) stock has diminished somewhat with the passing of time. A travesty, I agree.

As for the obligatory Bond, I was rather of the impression it had to be 'Octopussy', ITV (no sodding numers, just plain old ITV), circa 1530-1600, nicely timed to follow the Old dear's speech. That was the form, what.
Zulu used to be on on New Years Eve every year

Just Starting now on Sky Classics Ch 308

Open another Herfy and settle back

Lt Jonathan Rouse Merriott Chard VC RE Commander Rorke's Drift

Hurrah for the CRE…… :D :D
A Grand Day Out (Wallace & Gromit) has been on over several Christmases. I saw the latest one "A Matter of Loaf and Death" last night. It wasn't quite the same :(
sunami said:
And vapour trails from a plane.
Watched Gettysburg on DVD for the first time yesterday, the skies above the Maine regiments HQ have vapour trails accross them, prusmably from Jeb Stewarts A10's looking for enemy cav to shoot up.

Markintime - "long before remote controls when one had to get the butler to change channel for one but, there again, there was only three to choose from."

Technological opulence :D , how about a wireless before the advent of a wonder of the new age (at great cost). Then, a choice of one station viewed in low contrast grey on a 9” screen, however, NO FECKIN ADVERTS, especially about mongs who want to sue everyone because they’re unfit to be released unsupervised.

The recent ‘tradition’ is probably benchmarked with ‘The Great Escape’ or more latterly ‘The Snowman’ - though in America they appear pretty adamant about 'It's a Wonderful Life'? For me none replace the 1951 ‘Scrooge – A Christmas Carol’ with Alastair Sim which MUST be viewed in b/w as opposed to the colorised version. Humbug :omg:

Of the American rash of 30s Coca Cola 'Santa' films, quite like Tim Allen's 'The Santa Clause', as I quite like Tim Allen's characters. :wink:

It's a wonderful life, and one of my favourite films of all time.

Scrooged , which is way too dark for kids.
Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

When I was a young lad, it was always played on either New Years Eve, or New Years Day on the local station, and always during a pledge drive.
Jason and the Argonauts
The Empire Strikes Back
It's a Wonderful Life
Pete's Dragon
King Arthur and the Spaceman
Hawk the Slayer
OK - guilty secret coming out

Love Actually.

Saw it first in Iraq when I was feeling homesick, felt a lot better afterwards (must have been the saccharine in the script).

Agree on Zulu, Wallace and Gromit, Star Wars, but why has no one mentioned the absolute classic repeated so often it became engrained on the cortexes.

The Sound of Music

Hate the film, but it's still a Christmas classic (please, leave it in the past TV companies).

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