Films about "The Troubles".

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Crafty990, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. I'm trying to build a collection of films based on "the troubles" 1969-.
    I've got the usuals,

    In the name of the father
    The boxer
    The crying game
    Titanic town

    Can anyone think of anymore?

    Don't say "The Devils Own" coz it's poo.
  2. Some Mothers Son

    edit: from a few pages back "Contact" and "A Breed of Heroes"
  3. Contact
    Accaptable level
  4. contact by alen clarke is ok, but who would check a car for a bomb by pulling the doors open and starting the engine like the para officer in the film?another good one is"hidden agenda" a film about collusion within the RUC,Has some good scenes early on,another good film although it is a documentry is"for queen and country"which is a documentry on patrol in belfast with the royal anglican reg.harrys game also is worth a look,about a spy who goes undercover in Ardoyne to snare a gunman.
  5. Or for some light viewing
    Harrys Game (just watch the dodgy haircuts though).
    Old but still goes to show some of the mentality though
  6. Bloody sunday
  7. Cheers lads, just ordered Hidden agenda and I'll probs pick up the bloody sunday dvd too. Can't find that contact for sale anywhere on t'internet.
  8. you wont find contact for sale,its not availble, though"elephant is available, thats by alan clarke also, its a film of random killings in belfast,contact is set in bandit country, not much dialogue , just patrols and the odd encounter with the IRA, if your intrested in the troubles, you should try ebay and get"provos, loyalists,brits" its a 3 hr documentry about the troubles from all sides, great interviews, news footage and very indepth, this is a link to a small dayabase of films about the conflict, hope its of use, so take a look ok crafty. daz
  9. didn't know the peter taylor stuff was a docu aswell. Got all three books, currently halfway through provos.
  10. Compulsive viewing if only to watch Jim Macdonald a la Corrie (albeit a much younger version) getting slotted.
  11. Whats that film about the guys who sell wigs, fooking funny as hell "the toupee men"????
  12. The Informant, based on Gerald Seymour's novel Field of Blood, with Timothy Dalton (DCI Rennie) and Carey Elwes (Lt. Ferris). Was on TV here a few weeks ago, not bad.