Films about the troubles in Norn Iron

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by foggy_balla, Feb 18, 2007.

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  1. I know there's the truly terrible "Harry's Game", and there's a tenuous link in "Patriot Games". Can anyone think of any others tho? Yes, I know it's a fairly weak thread, and that if I Googled it I could probably find some - however it's late and I'm lazy. Suggestions?
  2. In the name of the father

    Blown Away (very dodgy link though)
  3. Resurrection Man
    Crying Game - sort of
  4. Cal (with Helen Mirren)
  5. A Prayer for the Dying, late eighties I think
  6. Contact - can't find it any more, but If I remember correctly it was about a patrol in the "cudds"
  7. I remember that being quite good. It had actual SLR noises dubbed on which was quite surprising.
  8. Wasn't ther one about the Shankhill Butchers with James Nesbitt? He also starred in one about Bloody Sunday which, if I remember correctly, was quite authentic.
  9. Resurrection Man

    Bloody Sunday
  10. Thanks pal.
  11. I.R.A. "King of Nothing".
    Quite a b-rated movie to my taste.
  12. Fahk me! Thats quite terrifying.

    The prods arent very "protestant looking though. Whats with the ripped clothing? Interesting to see the Michael Stone-a-like though.
  13. that was based on the John Stalker inquiry into the shoot to kill policy wasn't it?