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Films about the troubles in Norn Iron

I know there's the truly terrible "Harry's Game", and there's a tenuous link in "Patriot Games". Can anyone think of any others tho? Yes, I know it's a fairly weak thread, and that if I Googled it I could probably find some - however it's late and I'm lazy. Suggestions?
Tango34_UK said:
Contact - can't find it any more, but If I remember correctly it was about a patrol in the "cudds"
I remember that being quite good. It had actual SLR noises dubbed on which was quite surprising.
Wasn't ther one about the Shankhill Butchers with James Nesbitt? He also starred in one about Bloody Sunday which, if I remember correctly, was quite authentic.
Regrettably for me I cannot recall the names immediately but perhaps someone out there will.

' ? Dancing' - about a young Protestant lass who wishes to take up Irish dancing. About 20 minutes in length. Filmed in Derry as I recall and won several prizes in international 'arts' movie competitions.

Similar to the above in terms of local production, but on the radical end of the scale. The film protrays a series of assassinations, one after the other. No dialogue as I recall, merely the sountrack of the street and of course the gunfire.

Sorry about the lack of more detail at this stage.
foggy_balla said:
first one, I think, is "Dance lexy dance" (or something similar). No idea about the second.

a big thanks for that mate. I do remember now and you are on the mark. I'll get around to the second in time. I used scenes from that movie in briefings. It's an awful film to watch in the sense that it portrays a series of killings, one after the other in different scenarios, football field, shops, bus stop etc.

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