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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by BaronBoy, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. While reading the thread on the new film to be made, "Crossmaglen", it prompted my memory about a TV series (only 2 or 3 episodes) made on NI called "Children Of The North". It was shown in Australia on the ABC network only once, there was never a repeat.

    My memory of the series is that it was a very brutal portrayal of the "troubles" and wondered if any ARRSErs' can remember it and whether it was ever put onto DVD for sale?
  2. Fifty Dead Men Walking was a cracker - look into that.
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  3. I always wanted to see "Harry's Game" but it has never been made in a DVD compatible with US machines. I read the book, great book!!
  4. I remember it. Part of the story involved an army undercover bloke invoved in assassinations, who later topped himself. I think I still have some of it on VHS (taped off the telly) somewhere...

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  5. Children of the north was not very representative, the book was pretty fictional as well. Harry's Game captured the 70s well, a grim portrayal and showed the flaws in the Army Intel system like no other. Fifty dead men walking, hard to follow if you have read the book. The book was excellent and I KNOW that it is authentic. There have been 2 movies made about bloody sunday, both are biassed shite. There was a movie made called Contact, also shite. James Nesbitt tried to make a film about the Shankill Butchers called resurrection man. Great story but made in ROI so lots of PC influence spoiled the plot. The best I have seen in recent years is called "5 minutes of heaven". Forget the silly storyline, this portrays how things actually were in Lurgan in the 70s.
    As for "Crossmaglen", well if somebody wants to make a movie about a town that revells in the fact that it is in NI yet so close to the ROI border that the laws of either country have never really been enforced with the people from the learned "respectable" professions down having sold themselves to a crowd of local farmers hell bent upon making money for themselves and themselves alone on the backs of muliple murders of innocent bystanders or those tasked by the elected government to provide some semblence of law and order. This could be a useful lesson to those in Bradford, Burnley or wherever there is a community that wants to set up its own governance under sharia law, 40 years of XMG is the way to do it if their morals are that low. I would love to hear a response from someone who actually lives there now.
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  6. Keep your eyes open for a film called "It's nothing personal" decent film about a unionist hit squad in 70' s Belfast starring James Frain.
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  8. A most curious film. A sequence of mindless assassinations. I've not seen this in years and I'm not anxious to review it again. The scene of the youths playing kick-a-bout on the football park when............ Too many deja vu moments in that film. Thank God I was only to read about them in after action RUC reports and subsequently in the press. Terrible times.
  9. The whole film was based on RUC police reports and SOCO scenes of crime reports.

    No dialogue, no explaination, just the reality of CQA.

    The 'elephant' in the room
  10. I'm glad other people remember "Elephant"; I watched it when I was bedded down in the Med Centre (remember those days?) with gastro-enteritis. I wasnt too sure if I what I was seeing was all part of the hallucinations I was suffering.....

    It was horrible yet riveting. I dont know if I'd watch it again mind you.
  11. Thanks for the heads-up on this. There are some titles that I have never heard of and will investigate further.
  12. You don't remember it that well then. FAIL!!
  13. Gerald Seymour. Spot the young Charlie Fairhead (Casualty) and Harry getting in to a black Taxi with his army suitcase. This came up during my time in L/Derry. 1983 Yorkshire television 3-part mini series, a British agent infiltrates Belfast and goes after the assassin of a cabinet minister. Harrys Game (2005): DVD: and (cheaper?) at Amazon apparently
    A few decent reviews

    "Captain Harry Brown is called in to track down and assassinate a member of the Provisional IRA who has recently gunned down a Cabinet Minister in London. Brown must kill his man on his own turf and send out a clear signal to the terrorist organisation..."
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    I'm sure the tourist board and Bord Failte do something decent now that peace has broken out.