Film4 tonight

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by nobbyd, Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. Dog Soldiers, 11:35 tonight. Can't wait
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  2. Can't say I've seen it.

    Is it the prequel to "Dogs of War"?
  3. sausages!!!!
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  4. Think it's the werewolf film with Sean Pertwee as soldiers looking for missing SF.
  5. Be prepared to be disappointed. Oh and outraged at inaccuracies.
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  6. Loads of inaccuracies.

    Still a cracking good film though!
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  7. I think Liam Cunningham is a good actor. He plays a good part in tonights film.
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  8. What sort of cockstand gets outraged at inaccuracies in a film about soldiers fighting ******* werewolves?

    "I say, that's not the correct webbing for the period this movie is set in."

    "Bruv, there's fuckin werewolves knocking about and a geezer just tucked his guts back in."

    "Yes but they should at least consider that there's around 300 ex-serviceman sad enough to give a shit about their webbing / tactics / BFA. I'm going to type things about it on ARRSE."

    "Put ya beer down and get the **** out of my house you melt."

    I think I'll bang Outpost on first and make it a double cheese bill. Sorted.
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  9. Ooooooooooooh, someone's lost their sense of humour then.

    Personally, I thought it was a shit film, not because of the inaccuracies, but just because it was shit, but then I think most films are (particularly ones from Hollywood).

    However, if someone does make a film about an historical event, then I think that they should ensure that they do their research properly.
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  10. On another site I was lurking on a film had a sailor wearing a badge upside down and three old sailors had to be taken into intensive care for the night. :)
  11. If you read that as being a sense of humour failure then you want to have some head Zumba sessions

    Maybe you should have said you thought the film was shitif that's what you meant instead of mentioning inaccuracies. Just a thought.
  12. I believe it is you who needs to have some head Zumba lessons if you think someone is really going to be outraged about some inaccuracies about a fictional film.

    I think I did...I quote myself...see the bold.

    Or do you think that me stating that someone should be prepared to be disappointed by watching a film actually means that I am saying I think its a great film.
  13. You really are a bitey underpant.

    "prepare to be outraged at the inaccuracies" tells me all I needed know about you.