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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Poppy, Aug 27, 2009.

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    18:30 TV Preview: Wounded + Interview
    Princess Anne Theatre, 195 Piccadilly, W1J 9LN

    TV Preview: Wounded + Q&A

    For the first time, the Ministry Of Defence has allowed TV cameras to follow wounded soldiers from the moment of their arrival in the UK, through their treatment at Selly Oak Hospital and rehabilitation at Headley Court.

    This unique BBC film follows the journeys of Andy, a 19-year-old Ranger who lost both legs and whose eyes were badly burnt by an IED; and Tom, a 24-year-old Lance Corporal who lost three limbs after moving a booby-trapped sandbag. These soldiers fight for their lives, but surviving their injuries is just the beginning.

    Tom and Andy, along with other contributors to the programme, will be attending and there will be a Q&A following the screening.

    Executive Producer is Jane Aldous. Produced, directed and filmed by Sara Hardy for the BBC.

    Pricing Information:
    BAFTA Members | Free
    Public | £7.50
  2. Poppy, thanks for the 'heads up' on this one.
  3. should I post it in the London social thread as well? we could get a group together
  4. That's sounds like a plan to me. Go for it.
  5. I went to the preview last night. Most of those who appear in this stunning documentary were in attendance as well. I mention that, as I with a considerable number of others, were able to mingle with them and chat about this project.

    It's a viscerally honest documentary, devoid of politics, agendas, sub texts, which endeavours to show how the families and clinicians, both NHS and military combine their skills to retrieve a sort of quality to two damaged lives.

    In one instance (Ranger Allen's) a head mounted camera worn by the Royal Irish patrol medic captures the IED explosion and the medic's IA drills. This is the only moment of what some would describe as 'drama'.

    There are no 'blue & twos', no swearing, no stretcher runs up corridors, no close up views of heart monitors, the usual hospital cliches which Sarah Hardy has avoided. She allows the actions of the clinicians almost somnambulistic in pace to explain the why's and wherefors. Chris Eccelstone's commentary never interferes with the action on screen and serves primarily to metronome the time frame of seven months.

    Both of the lads stories are told seperately up to the point they meet at Hedley Court. Please, please don't miss their story. Is there laughter and tears? In buckets full, but mostly from the audience on the night. Jimmy McGovern is certainly wasn't.
  6. Will be screened on BBC1 AT 9PM (UK Local) on 23rd. September. Glad to see that this has come up in other forums.