Film to be made about first black army officer

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Taz_786, Sep 23, 2008.

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    Extraordinary story, extraordinary man!
  2. Nice one
  3. He popped up on the Ian Hislop series `Not Forgotten`. I`m slightly bemused at why they would do an `imagined` period in his life, surely true events would be more interesting 8)
  4. Excellent Post Taz, I would have put the 1st Black officer in the 1960s..... every day a school day.
  5. I just hope they do a thorough accurate job. This is an interesting story and needs no embellishment or sensationalism. Neil Oliver covers a brief bit of his tale in Not Forgotten.
  6. Its the BBC , they probally want to cram in how we were/are still all a nation of racist bigots etc :roll:

  7. I only hope the PC brigade don't turn this into a another nasty Army production, having screwed up their undercover reporter lets hope it's not a revenge number!
  8. There were also in the Northumberland Irish, some black or half-caste lads, who fought on the 1st day of the Somme, they used to call them 'Burnt Geordies' There is a picture of some in the Northumberland Irish Pals book.

    Going back to topic, extrordinary guy, well liked by his men.
  9. You would have thought he would at least have been an Etonian, but the lad was a childrens home kid from the east end. Even more impressive!


    Why with all this would an, "imaginary" period be required?

    EDIT to add: There have been calls to have this man in the National curriculum. Good idea IMO he could be mentioned in history, both in the slave trade and WWI periods.
  11. Walter's War

    Kwei-Armah is an exceptional observer. What the licence fee is for!
  12. I watched it last night. my Opinion was that it had been written by a teenager as part of his GCSE. All cliches, twitching shell shocked veterans, bigots and grumpy racist WOs. Probably detracted from an already amazing and inspiring story. I think it could have been better researched.
  13. 4 out 10 could have been a much better, it now on BBC I player
  14. Pitched just nicely then for us Arrse members... :wink:
  15. J_D

    J_D LE

    Should be good! I something on TV about this the other day, very interesting.