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Film title needed

As it's so easy to make it yourself these days I intend to make a film.

I need ideas for a title, any help would be appreciated.

What I've come up with so far is 'Metalsmith meets Chippy' and 'DIY for the homeless' but 'Stanley gets it out' is a close contender.

To keep the creativity spontaineous, the film content will be inspired by the title. Any ideas?
Political Murder
A serial killer come ninja/sniper/under water knife fighter decides enough is enough and chooses to slot every single member of the Labour Party.
It could be more of a documentary then a fiction.
Could also spawn numerous sequels.
Political Murder II: A Conservative act
Political Murder III: The Liberal Solution etc etc.
Weapons are of Arrse Destruction
Shaving Ryans Privates
The Dicks of Hazzard

They are remakes as I have them all.. but nothing like a good sequel :D :D :p

or my personal favourite

Bitterandtwisted hangs out the back of your mum.... :D yet to be made :twisted:
Skiffy McSkifferson Skiffs Back

I've yet to think of a plot for it, but once i do....
Shitty Titty Gangbang.....


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Thanks for the additional ideas about the content/plot, these are definitely a bonus to some really inspiring titles.

I feel so creative, my nipples are almost exploding with delight.
Flowers and Artemis and Scotlass and Dale and Bambi - a Sexy Combination?
Bambi said:
Flowers and Artemis and Scotlass and Dale and Bambi - a Sexy Combination?
No, just scary. Imagine the debris????

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