Film title driving me mad

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by convoy_cock, Nov 27, 2004.

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  1. Any help appreciated.

    I've just been talking to someone about a film I remember seeing a few years ago, but i'm fcuked if I can remember the title.

    It's about the crew of a bomber who are stranded in the desert. Every time they go looking for help they always end up back at the bomber (or something like that).

    It turns out that there all actually ghosts, and have been there for years. Some guys come to collect their bones from the plane at the end and they disappear.

    Not much of a description, i know, but i'd appreciate any help, as I wouldn't mind getting a dvd of it this Christmas.

    Cheers in advance

  2. OOOH! tough one...def not Ice Cold in Alex...sounds more like a twighlight zone doo dah! Got me thinking now...sorry can't help but will ask a few film buff friends 8O
  3. Sounds as though it might be based on the true story of the 'Lady be Good', which was flown south over the desert until it ran out of fuel because the crew thought they were still over the sea. A Google will tell you more.

    The moral of this tale is pay very great attention to ETA - but I know from personal experience how easy it is to situate the appreciation.

    They call it dead reckoning because if you don't reckon right - you're dead.
  4. Too true vasco! Of course, Ive never had one side of the cab go quiet due to a 'miscalculation' of the amount of combustable fluid left in the tanks....... 8O
  5. Does the film end with them flying out of the desert? if so I think it is called flight of the phoenix
  6. Na, greased, different film all together. Flight of the Phoenix (the original, 1965) was about a load of chaps on a transport plane that made a forced landing in the desert. Their only chance of survival and escape was to build a plane out of the wreckage. The cast was made up of the likes of Dickie Attenborough, James Stewart, Ernest Borgnine, Hardy Kruger and Ronnie Fraser. They managed to construct a plane from the designs made up by Hardy Kruger who later admitted he was actually a model aircraft designer, not a real plane designer as they all presumed.
    Real fact..... They actually made the 'escape aircraft' and flew it but it crashed and killed the pilot.
  7. Cheers fellas,

    The ability of the members of this site, to store information of no possible use on a CV never ceases to impress me.

    I salute you.
  8. Did the aircraft have a witch painted on the side, it sounds familiar.....

  9. Remember the film, but dont think it was about the Lady be Good.
    Cant remember but I think it'll bug me all weekend now....
  10. Damn Convoy, I've seen the film you are talking about but can't remember it's title either.
    Perhaps a 'Twilight Zone' movie?

    The description of Sole Survivor from the links is similar, but I'm thinking it may be a different movie. I don't recall William Shatner or Richard Basehart. being in it.

    but then I could well be wrong.
  11. Description here.
  12. Yes sticky that is the link I read, and while a similar story, the movie I'm thinking of, and I suspect Convoy is referring to, was newer than that, and as far as I recall, did not feature William Shatner or Richard Basehart.