Film title been driving me mad for 30 years

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by diehard57, Jan 31, 2005.

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  1. Can anybody help with the title/any details of a film (possibly made for TV/Play for Today type thing) that I saw back in the mid-seventies. Set in the last war, the plot involved a Jewish refugee who joins the Army cadets and subsequently gets beasted by a cadet JNCO/SNCO (possibly for being German) .The climax involves the cadets punishing the Jewish lad by carrying out mock firing squad with blank, only for the Cadet NCO to load a live round into one of the cadets rifles. As I say - the titles only been driving me slowly mad for about 30 years - so any help appreciated.
  3. Mr Happy

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    I don't think that was the answer???
  4. I think I remember that BUT I am possitive I saw it in the mid 80's as I was in the ACF at the time

    Did the following happen

    One kid nips off to watch a movie and is treated "AWOL"
    One kid draws a cock on the windscreen of some birds car
    and a sub plot about an officer who wasn't an ex-reg like the rest ???
  5. There was a Play for Today called 'The Exercise' which starred Tim Rose Price, where a routine escape and evasion exercise in the Welsh hills for four army cadets turned into something more sinister. It also starred Ian Hart and Leslie Schofield, and was released in 1984 (I think!)
  6. Ah yes. Not so much "Southern Comfort" as "Welsh Rarebit". Got a grumpy mention in the ACF magazine as I recall.
  7. Ok maybe one of you wise people may be able to help me as no combination of search terms seems to be working for me on google.

    I saw a film a good 10 years ago, black and white (so far older than me), non military based.

    It starts off with the friendly people of a village burning a witch and her father. Their souls or whathaveyou end up in a old mirror. Fast forward a few hundred years. The main male character ends up with this mirror and is going to get married.

    Witch regains human form, is going to seduce him as I think (memory sketchy here) he was related to one of the people who burnt her and father so wishes to destroy his life or he may be the key to freeing her and her father from mirror permantly.

    Film then plays out.

    Hoping one of you may have seen it and can give me a clue to it's title?
  8. East Enders ?

    Ready Steady Cook ??

    Father, Uncle, Brother, Lobster??"
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  10. LOL Whiffler... not exactly the right track...
  11. Sounds a bit Hammer House of Horror to me.......
  12. Just checked their archives :( wasn't there. Thanks for the thought though CTC.
  13. Sounds very much like "Reach for Glory" 1962 TV movie

    If that ain't it then :?:
  14. Seems like the double post monster got me :p