Film shelved due to Maddie

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by edd1989, Sep 13, 2007.

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    I can't believe they are putting off the release date of this film, albeit probably being total bolloxs and i would never pay to see it (not because i would be offended but because there is a lack of an Austrian with machine guns).
    It annoys me that people would be offended by this and the PC brigade would believe people to be offended by this and put a stop to it.
    At least we would have a end to the story.

    Technically since the film was thought of first, shouldn't the McCanns be sued down to copyright infringement?

  2. I think the child actress was a 4 year old who looks like Maddy and her real name is also Madeline.......

    Do they find her in the end. (The film I mean cpunk and ptp).
  3. This is not uncommon amoung films, Collateral Damage was too postponed.
  4. Here's a thought.

    If you think you might be offended by a film, DON'T BLOODY WATCH IT!!!!

    There is a description of the film in the press. It's not like you are dragged kicking and screaming into the cinema. No one just walks into a random movie and watches it without knowing what it was about, or the title beforehand.
  5. You are right, not only do they share the same name but Maddie and "our" Maddie do look quite alike.
    I have no idea what happens at the end of the film, the first time google has ever failed me.

    I just dislike the idea that people would be so distressed by this film they have to delay it.

    Why was Collateral Damage postponed? Did a local friendly assassin go missing whilst on his annual holiday?

  6. Ridiculous. War films are allowed, and they affect millions of people. This only affects a certain family (or a very small group of people), and they're banning it. Wow. If we're banning films over one bloody family, no shit Islam gets what it wants with regards to banning this and that

    Another one for the PC brigade
  7. You may find this hard to understand but it's called "considering other peoples feelings". It's hardly as though the film will never be released and as yet no-one has proved that the MC Canns , despiten their lack of thought, actually did anything to Maddy. For crying out loud why must every action by anyone be disected by Arssers who just like to hear(see) themselves mouthing off. A lot of people will be disturbed by the content of the film at the moment as , whether we agree with them or not, there are still lots of people who sympathise with the McCanns.
  8. Sorry, I thought that was what we were here for?
  9. On the subject of dissection, none of the major film companies were interested in my film of Maddie.
  10. Collateral Damage was postponed because of 9/11.
  11. How many films have you seen thsat deal with murder? What about housefires? War? Divorce? etc etc etc. All of these might affect a few or a lot of people at a time. They still get shown. So why not this one? Yes it's sad that Maddie is (probably) dead, but let's not stop the world!
  12. That's because you couldn't hold the camera straight.
  13. You sick b@stard! PMSL! :twisted:
  14. I know, I have no idea what he's thinking.
    What's wrong with a tripod? Or even a nice Portuguese tramp looking to make a few Euro’s? Saying that the McCann’s probably would have lent you the camera.

  15. I wish they could have banned "Mark of Cain" before i saw....utter shite.

    Pity non of the PC gang got at it first!