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London OTC cadets and some of the PSIs were in Channel 4's Moseley (Inf PSI from PWRR was Moseley's bodyguard in film), they also did Saving Pte Ryan, Gladiator (battle scenes in woods in Herts?) and many many more. £75 a day was the going rate when I was with them as staff but never got to join in as always too dammed busy
Anyone involved in this? Sounds interesting.
SPR was mostly the Irish army - especially the opening; whether any small amount of Brits participated, I never heard before.

They did film scenes at Hatfield, though these used a lot fewer extras.
My Platoon commander from MTQ1 was in SPR - in the same landing craft as Tom Hanks, and later as a paratrooper filling past the squad looking at all the dog tags. The other two subbies who went contributed 1x elbow, and 1x right boot to the film.
Bet they never got any money for it though!
When you see the Septics running through the town and over the bridge to save the day (what a shocker) right at the end of SPR, most of the front rank were Cardiff Coy, Wales UOTC.

I also know a few TA types were in the latest version of The Four Feathers, and some OTCs were to be spotted in the first series of Spooks.

Bennett, was your brother in law in the mighty WUOTC?
20 - 30 blokes from 6Bn REME (When it was in Bordon) were extras for Gladiator.
The opening scene was filmed in Frensham (midway between Hindhead & Farnham).

'The powers above' deemed that the £75/day would go to a service charity.
Not sure if it was voluntary or not........


A couple of guys in my unit were in the last series of Ultimate Farce. They episode where they had hijackers on a plane. Filmer in Kemble i think
This was copied and pasted from Soldier magazine on 26 Feb 2003. Might be too out of date now, but you never know... Perhaps one day one Arrse member will be a star. Whoever it is won't be any worse than Ross Kemp ;-)

FOLLOWING our story (January) about why squaddies make the world's best film extras, we've heard from one of the largest casting agencies in the UK.
Mad Dog Casting, which represents hundreds of "supporting artists" or SAs, is looking for up to 300 people with military experience for the second series of TV's "Ultimate Force", starring Ross Kemp. Male applicants need to look 20 to 35 years old. Other projects are also in the pipeline.
Paul Booth, of e-media-c, a company which introduces people to the casting agencies, says: "The film industry would prefer to deal with supporting artists with military experience, even if they have no experience in front of the camera, rather than to teach traditional SAs how to act in a military environment."
Payment for SA work starts at about £73 a day.
Mad Dog Casting acts as an agent while e-media-c promotes individuals to all the key casting agencies in the UK.
To register with e-media-c or to request more information on working as a military extra go to "
Memebers of Leeds OTC also contributed to SPR. In fact one of them was shown in glorious close up during the aforementioned scene of paratroopers filing past whilst dogtags were examined. He pretty much filled the screen while giving a particularly 'Paddington Bear Hard Stare'.

In addition to pay for being there, additional payments were made to those who were required to have more 'severe' haircuts.

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