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Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by exmunkey, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. Hey
    Casting collective are looking for men and women aged between 18 -50 fwith military experience that can march in formation for a film.
    Casting Collective - Urgent Casting Calls - Casting Collective

    Can be a good laugh and free food not to mention up to £180 a day depending on circs, did warhorse and there was only one person I'd never want to meet again

    Good luck
  2. Free food? Where and when?
  3. I fall into two of the categories, Mil and Extreme, double the work for me then, as I'll make a well ugly squaddie (said before any makes any comments).
  4. Go to the link and send in an app, thats how I did warhorse. When they have big military shoots they are gagging for ex military because it all gets shot a lot quicker and everyone just gets on with it

    Sorry Joker I think the uglies is a different production, Should have picked two-face as your handle then you could have done both
  5. What I meant was I can apply for two categories and have done ^^
  6. So long as you're not going for girls "hot body" as well
  7. Not as a job, but maybe as diversion when on set ;-)
  8. Aged 18-50? Sounds like they are looking for Home Guard-smen?
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I did the Blue Peter garden.
  10. Percy you dirty pipe smoking paedophile how the hell are you ?
  11. [video=youtube;LuZIFvtx228][/video]
  12. You sure it wasn't goldie in the garden lol
  13. Guard that secret with your Life ^_~
  14. This e-mail came during the week while I was away, the closing date is monday if anyone was interested and haven't put in yet
    Good luck

    I am working on a new feature film called 'All You Need Is Kill' (aka AYNIK) that I'd like to suggest you for.

    Set in the 'near future' we are looking for
    men & women with military experience (age 18 - 50) to take part as soldiers.
    We need men & women of all ethnicities, in particular North & South American, East & South Asian, African, Russian/Eastern European as well as Northern European (particularly German) people.
    The majority of you will require previous military experience and need to be able to do drill, (but some non military/very fit//training for the stunt register/sporty people who look good will be considered too).

    Please read this email carefully and if you fit the brief looks & ability wise, are generally available, & would like me to suggest you for this film please
    reply to this email BY 9am MONDAY 6th AUG letting me know if you want to be suggested for GROUP A ONLY, GROUP A & B, or just GROUP B:

    Can I suggest you as:

    Approximately 25 military men & women will be required full time from Mid September for 2 weeks rehearsal, then filming full time from October 1st to December 4th (Possibly on contract for the whole 10 weeks).
    There will also be filming between mid Jan - Mid Feb 2013, dates still tbc for this month. You wont be able to do anything else at all for the duration of this shoot. You will require confidence, a little acting experience ideally and a very good, 'can do' no messing about attitude. You will be working very closely with the 'A' list cast. Actually, it's a once in a life time experience I think!

    Military Men & women who are generally around from September to Mid February next year to be soldiers. All definitely needed from Oct 1 to October 5 plus other dates here and there throughout Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb, so if you are generally around over the next few months but cant commit to a full time position, select GROUP B.

    If you only want to be suggested for the full time group only, email me
    If you are totally free & want to be suggested for full time or days here and there too - email me
    GROUP A & B.
    If you are generally around over the next few months but cant commit to a full time position, email me

    Also email MILITARY YES or MILITARY NO in your reply too if you do/don't have military experience.

    No false fingernails
    No fake tans
    Natural tans are OK
    No Long bottle blonde hair (Short Bottle Blonde hair is OK)
    Any hair length is OK, long or short.
    Any natural skin tone.

    The hair length for the men for this film will vary from shaved heads /grade 1 hair to 'grown out' short back and sides (like you had a short back and sides once but haven't had a hair cut for ages and its grown out over your ears,your face & collar by quite a few inches).
    All men must be prepared to have a haircut whatever length it is. (Not necessarily military short back & sides though).
    MEN, IF YOU HAVE LONG HAIR (past your ears/neck or longer) YOU WILL NEED TO BE PREPARED FOR THEM TO CUT IT OFF. If you don't want to cut your hair at all, just delete this email.
    Men can have stubble, beards, moustaches & tattoos - but you must look exactly the same way throughout the shoot.
    Any natural skin tone is good.
    No Fake tans.

    The film is based at Warner Brothers Studios near Watford, Hertfordshire. All costume fittings & filming will be at Warner Brothers Studios, with some 'on location' work in London and the South East,
    To be able to take part in the film you must be able to stay in the London area & be able to get yourself to the studios/London locations easily & very early in the morning either on early trains to Watford or by car.
    If this is going to be difficult, please ignore this email.
    This film will be paid on FAA rates. Special Action rate still tbc.

    If you would like me to suggest you,
    reply to this email by Monday Aug 6th @ 9am stating which group you want to be considered for, your military experience & any other information you think would 'sell you' to production.
    If you are not free or not interested, please just delete this email.

    Once you have responded to this email by the deadline, I will then present you to the production & they will pick who they would like to take part, initially in the boot camp for selection for the CORE GROUP (dates for that tbc) which is up first.
    I will let you know who has been picked or not picked as soon as I know & keep you updated.

    As usual, this film will want to see lots of available suggestions, and there are not many places in the CORE GROUP in particular. Please don't be disheartened if you aren't chosen for the CORE GROUP - only a very lucky handful that fit the Productions brief will, but I hope to get you involved elsewhere.

    If you have any friends with Military Experience that might like to be considered too, ask them to apply online at
    Casting Collective - Providing film extras, tv extras, supporting artistes and walk ons to the film, television, commercial & photographic industries - Casting Collective and use the MILITARY MEN & MILITARY WOMEN links in the top right hand corner in the 'Urgent Castings' area on our home page.

    Thanks & I look forward to hearing from you super soon.

    Laura @ Casting Collective

    (Warner Brothers have requested that all correspondence must come through Casting Collective, and not the studio. If you have any questions you can
    drop me an email me at & I will get back to you asap).
  15. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    shame i am 59 and 18 stones, i would have liked a pop at this .

    actually i could play a damn fine deserter , I could do that from home in Sarfend .